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Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino
My daughter was married on August 27, 2005 on the private island at the Marriott Renaissance in Aruba. We had 92 people fly to Aruba so the pressure was on to make sure that everyone had a great time. Angela Hagedoorn was our wedding planner and she did an excellent job. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were very happy with everything! We first went to Aruba in April 05, to see the island, choose place settings, menus, flowers, arrangements and music. Angela had everything ready for us so that we made all the decisions in one day. We were able to see the different room options at the hotel, so that we could recommend to all of our guests and family members the best place for them to stay. During the time between April and August 27th Angela worked very hard to make sure that we had everything that we wanted. My husband wanted a special kind of red wine, Cuban cigars, and espresso coffee. Angela was able to fulfill all these requests. We arrived in Aruba the Wednesday before the wedding. Angela met us at the airport and assured us on the ride to the hotel that everything was on schedule and running smoothly. We had itineraries and different items that needed to be in the rooms as people arrived (since we had so many people coming, they were arriving at all different times). Angela had this all coordinated and everyone had everything that they needed. On Thursday we met with the band leader from The Party Posse. He assured us that he could play anything that we wanted. On Friday night we had a buffet dinner on the lawn by the Beach Suites. The tables and chairs were covered in white and there were tropical flowers and colorful overlays on all the buffet tables. There were tikki torches and little white lights everywhere. We had the Caribbean Barbecue, which was amazing. There was a steel band, a limbo show, which everyone loved, and Coconut Charlie who cut open coconuts for kids of all ages. It was a great warm up party and I think we all thought it couldn’t get any better…. On Saturday morning, Angela had all the tuxedos and dresses pressed and in the proper rooms. She had a conference room off of the lobby complete with snacks, drinks, and a room full of hairdressers and make-up artists ready to make the bridal party breathtaking. We had the bride, 5 bridemaids, sister of the bride and mother of the bride to complete and we were all finished in plenty of time. Angela had all the flowers waiting in our room, where the girls all went to get dressed. She took all the favors, the bubbles, reception cameras and the card box with her to have over on the island and ready. Angela had strict instructions for all of our guests to be in the lobby at the proper time in order to get them all to the island well before my daughter would come down. We had it written on the itinerary and she also made a call to each room to remind everyone not to be late. No one was. She took all the guests in the Sub Seeker, which is covered so that there would be no hair or dress mishaps. After all the guests left the lobby, Angela called up to the room to have us all come down. We took the small boat over to the island. We all sat up in the front of the boat so that no ones hair would get messed up. There were 7 girls and plenty of room so that we would not get wet. We had a light string jazz ensemble playing for the ceremony. It was the perfect musical touch. They played light jazz as everyone was getting seated, and then the traditional music as the procession started. It was breathtaking. The blessing was beautiful, with lighting of candles, offerings of flowers to moms, and exchanging of rings. Everything was timed out perfectly for the pictures in the sunset. The sunset was so beautiful that it looks like a backdrop in the pictures. Then, THE PARTY. It was great. The band was fabulous, they played Caribbean music and party favorites and everyone was dancing. The trees all had white lights, we chose black tablecloths and chair covers with gold bows. It looked great against the white sand. We partied late into the night. The older folks were able to go back to the hotel whenever they wanted. Some of the younger ones staying and even went in the water for a swim. On Sunday, Angela did it again. We had a buffet brunch out by the pools on the beach side. There was an abundance of food and drink for all. The tables and chairs were all covered in white and the chairs had light blue bows, which looked great against the water. The photographer did an amazing job. When I went home on the following Wednesday, Angela had all the photos already in a beautiful book, and she also gave us a disc with all the pictures on it. This was a great surprise, to have them so soon and be able to get them reprinted for everyone. The Party Posse was a great band. They had the whole party, no matter the age, up and enjoying the music. The Renaissance was a great place to have a wedding. We had the whole island to ourselves for the whole night, and did not have to share with other brides or curious outsiders. Angela was an angel through the whole process. She thought of everything before we did and she made it all happen at the perfect time. She is an A+++ wedding planner. We would recommend her again to everyone we know.

Thank you Angela and the Renaissance for making my daughters wedding a wonderful memory for everyone that was there.

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