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After a 3-hour journey with Miguel, my driver, which originated from the uninspiring resort destination Punta Cana, I arrive at Hotel Atarazana, located in the outstanding Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo.

Hotel:: Hotel Atarazana feels like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer’s day when you prefer a hotel with a personal touch to a “business is obvious” all-inclusive resort.

Hotel Atarazana offers 6 beautiful adorned rooms, all with balcony although some are slightly larger than others. Berny, one of the two German owners of the property, an architect of origin, puts all his creative energy into the decoration of this beautiful boutique hotel in the historical heart of Santo Domingo while his business partner Susanna takes on the tasks of host and manager.

Service:: One of nice features of a boutique hotel is an often-outstanding service, which surpasses those of 5 star business hotels or all-inclusive resort chains. Hotel Atarazana offers her guests an unsurpassed experience making one feel comfortable and looked after. The hotel further provokes associations with a superb bed and breakfast fused with an Asian “Zen” environment…. tranquility and stability. Wi-Fi Internet is free of charge, the front door opens by entering a numerical code and a cozy spa offers a variety of treatments performed by happy and friendly personnel.

You won’t be surprised when I tell you I felt truly at home. I even became more aware of this fact when I caught myself walking bare feet down the stairs.

Due to its location it is hard to expand on “the grounds” of the hotel other than saying it has a nice and sunny patio with tall tropical flowers and plants and a waterfall, originating from a high wall, that pours into pond with tropical fish. A delicious breakfast is being served daily on this patio.

My room is situated at the front and first floor of the building. Like all rooms the ceilings are high which allows the room to stay cooler. Of course there is an airconditioner available and in case you don’t like these machines you can opt for a ceiling fan instead. De bathrooms, with a shower, toilet, cupboard for your clothes and a safe are nicely stylized as well. On my bed I find a natural silk coverlet and two nicely filled pillows. At night I leave the doors of my balcony open because I prefer the fresh natural air to a cold airco. For added safety you can close and lock the iron- gate, which is mounted in front of the balcony doors. This prevents anything but air from entering your room.

Hotel Aarazana offers bed and breakfast but the owners Susanna and Berny will be more than happy to serve up suggestions on where to go for lunch and dinner.

Other comments::
This boutique hotel offers style and personal attention. Therefore I call it my home from home in Santo Domingo!

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