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Just a few words…..Anna and I were at the Gamboa, Feb 06 and Loved it. While there, we made friends with several of the staff (a please and a thank you will go very far) and we even received a gift from the hotel when we left.On the other side of the coin, there are those who expect the exact same food, service, etc even if they know they’re not at home. As an exemple of "having the right attitude", 4 days before the end of our holidays, a group of about 12 people, who had just arrived, for they’re last leg of the 10/4, expected to all be seated together at the restaurant. Let me first say that the main restaurant is not very large compared to the restaurants in other resorts, and it gives it a nice cozy atmosphere. This group arrived in the middle of supper without first advising the hostest of their size. Then some of this group, not all, expected the staff to move the people, already seated and eating, to other parts of the restaurant, so they could be seated together. They made a scene, raising their voices at the staff, to the point where some of them went to the kitchen to cry. It broke our hearts and really pissed us off, that these people, our new found friends, working at the resort would be treated this way and have to just stand there and take this abuse, especially by people who had just arrived. Some of this group even came down on some of the staff because they didn’t understand everything that was thrown at them in english.Food for thought…
Classic Tourons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would say that that is beyond attude and expectations and is nothing short of the ultimate rudeness….. no matter how much some one may pay for a vacation they are still guests in that country!

I have also seen some examples of this at Decameron and it breaks my heart. I don’t know how people can go to such a fun and beautiful place and be so rude. I once saw a couple at the lobby desk being so rude that the young girl behind the counter started crying and went into a back room. And thats just a small incident- I could so go on and on.All I know is that I am heading back in a few days and look forward to the heat, people, language and culture!!!


People like that make me angry.I have no issue walking up to morons and letting them know they are acting as such.

They have a harder time arguing with someone from their own hemisphere.

It really is sad when people have to be that way. You only hope that the workers are aware that not everyone is like that. But it only takes one nasty/rude person to ruin your whole day. You can deal with lots of nice people afterwards, but it took that ‘one’ to do you in. I know when I witness something like that how it makes me feel…………….as a bystander. I wish I could be like you WT and call them on it.

I am like you Bebbie- I wish I could call people on their actions but I hate confrontation. My husband on the other hand would be more than willing to point out someones rude behavior to them. When we went last November there was an incident (*the activity guys were playing soccer on the beach with some of the guests but they were playing a little further down than normal due to an organized soccer match already being played in their normal spot. A guest made them stop because he rudely told them they were messing up his view of the ocean. If the beach was full and there was no place to go I might understand the guy a little more but there was plenty of beach and his attitude was just nasty.) and my husband so wanted to say something to the guy that was rude but I begged him not to (since it was our first day of the trip and I did not want to make any enemies). Oh well, like Bebbie said- not everyone is like that and we can do our best to make sure the workers realize this.


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