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Hello, I am going on my honeymoon at the beginning of September and am planning on booking some tours with Avispas adventures-has anyone booked with them before? I am staying at the Grand Papagayo, anything I should should try to do or stay away from while I am there? Any other words of advice in any other aspect of traveling to Costa Rica, this will be both of our first times there. Thanks for any advice!

I also have never dealt with the company you mention but have used Vargus-Papagayo and were very pleased… we did 4 tours in 7 days with them and could not imagine any better service then we got.Great guides and drivers and well maintained vehicles

don’t let the realestate link put you off… no one will try to sell you anything… the sites are just kinked due to common ownership.

Vargas Papagayo tours are a safe, knowledgable, friendly and reliable tour operator. Costa Rica is beautiful. Enjoy.

We tried booking a tour with them last time we were in Costa Rica. I spoke with her and she was supposed to call me back and I never did hear from her again. Ricardo from Vargas and his guides are the best. Totally reliable and flexible.

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