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Interesting travel tips – not specific to Cuba….but still excellent ….. but there are other ways. what are some of your tips. Yes carryon only …but not everyone travels that light.another tip I have heard

  • put your full address and itinerary inside your luggage…. just in case the outside tap gets lost they have a way of finding who the luggage belongs
Photocopies of passports for check-in. Extra passport copies and photocopies of all cards and insurance with you and a duplicate with friend/family at home.
Photos of all of the above on your smart phone too. Email to yourself with scans of everything in case all of the above are lost.


A letter sized printed HAV sheet (or other destination code) in a 9×11" clear heavy duty plastic envelop riveted to both sides of the checkin bag has been keeping me from loosing luggage for awhile.

Because my job entails shipping lots of camera gear, luggage, etc. all over the world I picked up a tip from the guys in the film division of the BBC… every single piece of their luggage has an indestructible laminated tag attached to the outside of the luggage with their name, cell number, email address and flight numbers/destinations as well as another tag with the same info on the inside of the luggage.It may sound like overkill, but put yourself in the position of the airline/airport employee taking care of lost luggage and lost & found… they know immediately where the luggage was supposed to be headed and they know immediately how to contact you directly. It has saved me a few times.Lastly, a pal of mine works lost luggage for Air Canada and she claims that almost 1/4 of the lost luggage she handles has NO readable identification attached. That’s insane! How in the world is she supposed to find your lost piece of luggage if the only description you can give her is that it’s a black Samsonite!Cheers,


We always print a label with our names, airline, hotel, dates of stay etc. and tape it onto the inside of the luggage. We no longer user cheap luggage tags, as so often they have fallen off somewhere along the line. Leather tags work out the best for us as well as some sort of unique identifier attached to the bag.

At first I thought WestJet had lost my luggage on one of our trips home but all it was that they forgot to load my luggage onto the plane in TO, they delivered it by courier to our place which is 11/2 hour away so I guess it wasn’t cheap at least my rum got home in one piece

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