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Unbelievable bang for your buck! All staff are so curteous and helpful through out our entire stay. We went during March Break and experienced no caos what so ever. Ten thumbs up for the staff and management at the Sensatori Azul, very proffesional, promp, clean and pleasant no matter where you go on the premises, views are incredible, land scaping is beautiful through out, the grounds are so clean and well maintained, kitchens of restaurants unbelievably clean and competent, incredible food…….wow!

No waits for check-in, the Azul has taken the pain out of check-in, they greet you with champagne and hot cloths, check you right into your room and bring the luggage up later, the concierge was so helpful, I needed a ventalin inhaler due to the high humidity, the hotel concierge had a brand new athsma pump in my hand by half an hours time after I requested it! I forgot my high heels, the concierge found a lady on staff who hemmed all off my dress pants to suit my flat shoes within three hours of request, unbelievable service was experienced. Again Wow all the way!

Rooms: CLEAN-CLEAN-CLEAN….wow, did I mention how clean this whole entire place is?

If your a clean freak like myself, this matters! Every public bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, lobby, courtyard, hall way and corridor and rooms are undeniably the cleanest I have ever encountered, our maid ensured our needs were met everyday by stopping in to see if we needed anything each evening, 2 people cleaned our room everyday for 2 hours!!! Did I tell you how clean they are? UNHEARD OF CLEANLINESS! I highly recommend this establishment to anybody who says clean counts!

Restaurants and Bars:
The food in deed is gourmet no matter where you go on this resort, even room service food delivers first class tastiness 24 hours a day! Great food, Great service with much friendliness and finess, the servers go well out of their way to ensure you have a great meal every time you enter their work place. Again 10 thumbs up for cleanliness and very little wait time for foods ordered off the menu, the buffets are incredible, talk about high quality all the way, the Azul has the food part mastered… question, this resort knows how to keep you coming back!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach area is large and private, pools surround the entire resort, they are everywhere and again clean..clean……clean! Great bar, beverage and food services on the beach too! Swim up bars are plentiful and bar staff are outrageously entertaining! Very fast bar services with plenty of fun and exotic drinks to try. Sorry for the fact that there were no CORONA on the premises though.

Aside of that the Azul definetly has mastered the cocktail including very many bars on the resort with plenty of talented staff.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The resort staff helped us to plan our day trips and to know what we should bring with us. They escorted us to our tour buses as they arrived and took all the confusion out of which buses to get on and when to get on them, the staff made our day tripping absolutely painless and perfect. Thank-you Sensatori Azul staff again. We had a great time.

Other Comments: I cannot express the value we experienced while at the Sensatori Azul, we have completely fallen in love with this resort and would recommend this resort anyday and anytime to everybody. Unbelievable food, cleanliness and incredible staff!


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