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I know I could ask Sunwing directly, but was wondering if anyone here had any experience taking a baby stroller and NO BABY.My friend’s daughter is expecting a baby in January, and I’d like to take her a stroller as a gift (along with the usual clothes, etc.). What I’m wondering is if anyone knows if the airline (Sunwing) will make me include the stroller as part of my luggage allowance as I don’t have the child to go with the stroller, or if I can still take it "free". I don’t mind including it as part of the weight allowance, but if I don’t have to, I’d prefer not to.
My experience is with Air Canada only.Without a baby we had to check it and pay for it. I can’t recall if I listed it on-line as an extra suitcase or as sports equipment (the only two options online I think) In any event, the check -in staff person didn’t charge as much as the rules said she could. She turned a blind-eye to its actual weight, but I think that was in part because my husband got her sympathy with our Cuba story the day before when he went to the over-size luggage check-in desk to get a tough large plastic bag (we had tried to box this particularly awkward stroller, but it was too big.)

If Sunwing has a more generous policy about taking humanitarian aide, you might do better.

We took a walker down and no one said anything. And neither of us needed one. It was for an elderly great grandmother of a friend.

Sunwing has the Elite package for an extra $100, just do it for the way down. It includes an extra 10 kgs of weight. Friends took a jogging stroller (super tough for those Cuban roads and sidewalks) and wrapped it in that Saran wrap-looking stuff. It is a wonderful thing you are doing because this won’t be the only baby in it, it will work its way around town for the next ten years of babies!

You can also find very nice baby clothes at Goodwill with the original labels on them. Often folks get clothing but the baby is too big by that season, so off to the thrift store it goes. Where I buy it and it goes to Cuba!

I am already booked for January and yes, I do have the Elite package (never leave home without it!). I got a jogging stroller on the weekend at a really good deal – according to the box it weighs 11.6 kg. So I can include it as part of my 30kg (with the Elite), but was wondering if they would make me include it as part of the baggage allowance. I already have a ton of baby clothes – thanks to the local Value Village. I also bought her some maternity clothes.We are going next week, but are already overloaded and since the baby isn’t due until the end of January, we decided that the stroller can wait.

I am so jealous, I miss MDP. I was only there for one week, but my travel companions stayed an extra week. It is such an adorable little hotel with very nice staff, and a roomy beach. The mountain jeep trip to the waterfall is amazing. The only flaw I had with that trip was that I didn’t buy rum at the hotel, where they have a great selection, and waited until the airport, where they only sold Havana Club. Lesson learned! Now I buy what I want when I SEE it, and if the airport has something different, well, I’ll just risk Talking With Customs: The Game!

I would think your bigger problem would be Aduna taxing you for bringing an obvious gift for someone. In that case you might tell them you’re bringing it for another tourist friend on a different airline who had too much luggage of her own. I’m not sure how you’d convey this if you don’t speak Spanish though.

Great question. I had an amigo in Varadero ask me to bring him a stroller (for which he’d reimburse me) and I have yet to investigate. Am I way off base thinking that customs might present a barrier?

Am I way off base thinking that customs might present a barrier?

I do speak Spanish, but still might have a problem with Aduana. But I figure any of us who take "stuff" run that barrier every time we get off the plane in Cuba!

If there was another airline I might be able to use that line, but unfortunately there is only one flight a week from Toronto to MDP, so I’m out of luck there. I’m thinking of putting in a bike box… ;D

I know I could ask Sunwing directly, but was wondering if anyone here had any experience taking a baby stroller and NO BABY. There’s an older thread that covers some of this…
I’ve never actually tried taking the stroller without the baby, but in the past (not to Cuba) I was in charge of the stroller while my wife took the baby, and there was no cross checking that I could see, even if we boarded separately. If you want to push your luck, but with no obvious penalty, don’t mention the stroller to anyone at check-in, show up with it at the gate, and they should just take it from you and stash it. If you are challenged, what are they going to do at that point? Make you abandon it right there – I doubt it. Just look confused, and probably they’ll tag it on the spot. As in that earlier post, I recommend that a man take the stroller if possible. Like it or not, women travelling with babies get cranked at; men are treated as minor heroes. Doesn’t matter if the guy is a teenager or a grandfather, he’ll be seen as doing more than he is expected to.

The presumed valuation of a stroller by Cuban customs as of January 2011 was listed as 20CUC (approx $20). I wheeled one out of the airport without raising any eyebrows, but the charge wouldn’t have been that bad anyway – cheaper than what it cost to get it there as checked luggage!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and advice! Debbie’s folks always have the answers to the questions even those of us who consider ourselves "Cuba veterans" aren’t sure of. We’re leaving Wednesday for a week (it will be hot, hot, hot) and I’ll also scope things out there – the hotel rep may also be able to help me a bit with suggestions.

Stay tuned – I’m sure this story will have a happy ending!

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