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Just got back about 12 hours ago from another great vacation at the Sol Pelicano in Cayo Largo. Weather was absolutely wonderful thoughout our 10-day stay, not nearly as humid as it usually is in May and there were very few mosquitoes!Flew with Cubana, decent legroom, and both flights were early (about 25 minutes arriving in CL and about 40 minutes coming back home).

I will not be posting a review, but if anyone has questions, don’t hesitate. I might post a few new photos soon though.

Hi Anne,Glad to hear you had another wonderful vacation!I guess the only question for me would be whether you found out any more info regarding the new $75 million 5-star hotel on Cayo Largo that is in the process of being built?Thanks!

eeeefarm: I often looked at the beach and wondered how I would answer that very question. I can only talk about the beach near the Pelicano, because I didn’t go anywhere else, so here goes: to the East, in front of the Lindamar, there simply is no beach, the waves hit directly on the rocks… Quite an unsettling sight. Beyond that, there seemed to be a very nice stretch of beah in front of the Soledad and Villa Coral.Directly in front of the stairs coming from the Pelicano’s Ranchon and to the left (when facing the sea), the beach is pretty narrow, but there is room for some palapas and chairs… Although yesterday morning, the waves came almost up to the stairs a couple of times! I was sitting a bit further to the right, and the waves came right under my chair a few times… a first for me. The beach widened from the front of the Ranchon to the West (heading towards the Sol Club). You know, I tried to look at the beach without thinking of how magnificent it used to be, not only way back when I first went, but as recently as 3 years ago. It is still a very nice beach, and I guess someone who had never been there before would find it quite adequate… But for anyone who’s been there in the past, the erosion of the beach is unbelievable, almost alarming… gromstrela999: I did take a couple of pictures of the beach in front of the Pelicano, but not many, I was too busy taking pictures of my son building his first sand castles!

Gardengal: I realized in the cab on the way to the airport that I had completely forgotten to ask about the new hotel… Sorry…!

Welcome back, mi amiga! Hope you had another wonderful family trip. Thanks for the update on the beach. As you say, it seems almost alarming to see some of the shots of the beaches here, but it’s amazing how they come and go, even throughout a week’s time.How did you find the resort itself? Any "improvements"?

Can you tell me how much the cab cost to the airport? Amd dod you make it wo the turle farm?

Hi SUJ! I did notice a few improvements at the Pelicano, such as a new ramp access to the Ranchon instead of stairs, making it easily accessible for a wheelchair or a stroller. The ramp also goes almost all the way to the beach, but the last little bit is still stairs, which could be temporary, because they were still working on the ramp when I left yesterday. Another nice touch are the shelves built next to each outdoor shower – nice to have a spot for the towel and the beach bag while you rince off all the sand! Also, some buildings have already been repainted a nice shade of blue with light and dark yellow accents.

The Pelicano has followed the Sol’s initiative with a weekly dinner for repeat guests and people celebrating special occasions. The dinner is held at poolside, with the house band as entertainement and dancers leading the guests to their table – very nice touch. The dinner is a 4-course menu, which looked very delicious. Although I was invited, I only attended the cocktail ( ), since dinner begins after 8, which is way too late for my 2-year old!

Another nice touch was the turn-down service for repeat guests, complete with local chocolate… which I gave back to my maid, because I don’t eat chocolate and she loves it!And as I mentioned in another thread, there is a new house band which I found simply fabulous!The cab fare between the airport and the Pelicano is 5 CUC (tip not included) – last year, it was 4 CUC (inflation!). Still worth every centavo in my book! It should be the same from the Sol.

Didn’t make it to the turtle farm this year, we were too busy in the morning playing at the beach and then doing the rounds at the pools!

Welcome home Anne I’m delighted to hear that you and, no doubt, my petite amigueto, had a great time in Cayo Largo

Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

Here is the link to view my photos of the Pelicano:

The album is "Sol Pelicano May 2008", at the bottom of the page, it should show a "New" tag. Most pictures are taken from the bell tower, which we climbed 3 times this week, after dinner, at my son’s request. The pictures just don’t do justice to the panoramic views!

I have also made an album of the new VIP lounge at the Montreal International Airport, accessible even for those who are not flying first class, for a modest fee. Totally worth it, in my humble opinion. It’s not very busy early in the morning, as you will be able from the pictures. I really enjoyed the experience and will undoubtedly book it again the next time I travel.

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