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Hello all,My husband and I just got back on Feb. 17th from Fantasy Island resort. We were there for 2 weeks and absolutely loved it. We are not divers and found it to be a great relaxing holiday. The food was great and the people are very friendly. I will post a more extensive review shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions ask away.


Hi caribbeanqueen:Just wondering about the no-see-ums on the beach, that many have warned about? What insect repellant did you use and was it effective?


The no see-ums are there, so are the mosquitos. I read somewhere that if you do a regime of Vitamin B and odourless garlic 2 weeks before and during your trip it helps ward off the bites.I am a magnet for bug bites and I did the vitamin and garlic thing before and during our trip. I did get bit but it was very manageable. I used deep woods off when going for my walks around the island as well as in the morning when I played tennis. When I did get bit I used stop itch and had a hydrocortisone gel with cooling menthol. Someone I met while down there used the band-aid stop itch spray. It had a cooling effect also which helps with the itch.HOpe this helps.


Thank Karen. Another question if you don’t mind. Are the meals buffet style or a la carte. How would you compare the quality of the meals with other resorts. I too am not a diver, but this isolated resort does look ideal for my requirements.Thanks,


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