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A little more info would be great. Have you been to GBP Tulum, Coba or Akumal and how does it compare? I thought it was across the highway and not on the beach.

my review will follow…just curious if anyone had any specific questions. Yes we have been to Tulum 2 times and Akumal 2 times. Sian Kaan has better food and top shelf drinks( if you ask for them, if you ask for rye and coke you get no name rye. If you ask for Crown Royal that’s what you get for no extra)BUT there was a major issue that we are dealing with via emails and I want to see what the out come is before I go any farther with my review.

How much better is it (or not) than say GBP Tulum? Do they hound you to buy a timeshare?
We are heading back to GBP Tulum March 13th Can’t wait !!

I think the food quality was a notch above Tulums …that being said there is absolutely nothing wrong ith the food at Tulum. never saw a timeshare person until we went to tulum for an a la carte, even then we saw them but thats about it. i’m sure you will have a blast

We are heading to GBP Coba on the 16th. I love all the good comments. Will have to take a walk over to see the Sian Kaan. Have a good trip tenthousand, may cross paths with you at the Hosienda. My husband worked in the NWT for 29 years…

stillacaper …….wouldn’t it be nice to meet up for a cervesa I have been in the NWT since ’71 and my husband since ’78 so who knows, we may have crossed paths at some point !!

26 more sleeps, can’t wait

tenthousand…. What part of the NWT are you in? My husband worked for Northern Transportation Company Ltd. in several areas of the north. Yes it would be nice to meet for a cervesa. Being a Maritimer we love to meet new people!!!

Did you have a golf package? Did you find it hotter on that part of the resort vs. Tulum side. Are there lots of shuttles to take you to the beach? The rooms and buildings look nice in the travel brochures what did you think? Glad to hear you liked it sounds promising to look a bit more at this option. We have been to the GBP Tulum side 3 times this might add a bit of a change.

We didn’t golf so can’t coment on that…..Didn’t notice it was any warmer on that side of the highway…that being said the the A/C is better at Sian Kaan and you can actually control the temp in your room.Never waited more than 5 minutes for the beach shuttle.i think you will notice the food is a notch or two better at Sian Kaan than the rest of GBP

I’d go back in a heart beat

Hubby and the crew golfed the course 5 times the last time we were there, and loved it. I took a trip with them one day in the cart to see the course and it is beautiful. What room type did you have and were you on the ground floor with a terrace or did were you on another level with a balcony? I am thinking the ground floor rooms looked nice from pictures I looked through. The balconies looked small. was there any activities at night on that side or did you have to go to the hacienda or Akumal lounge for music and dancing.

We were in building 4 ( close to the lobby and pool) We had ground floor with a patio with a table and two chairs and two loungers and of course the hot tub. being on the ground floor we did notice a few bugs in the room so to solve that problem we rolled up a towel and put it at the bottom of the door at night. During the evening we went to the Hacienda a few nights to meet other people from Trip Advisor and played pool in the sports bar. The other nights we just stayed at the sian kaan lobby bar and relaxed.

Bugs are no problem we are in the tropics after all. I even had to put the towel in front of the door on the third floor last time. Just curious if you booked as a package deal and if so with which carrier, Air Canada has this on their site but I can not get any results when I request a price/date. I am in Nova Scotia and always like to go direct whenever possible. Just wondering who you booked through. Thanks for the link you sent as well very helpful. and thanks for answering all my questions.

we have booked through Sell off vacations the last few times with out a hitch and flew Air Transat the last two times as they have had the best price (we always book a package) ….if price and flight times were equal i would pick Air Canada….nicer planes. We fly out of Toronto so always a direct flight:-)

I read this side of the resort is going adult only in November. We are still interested in this area. How did you find the shuttle services and the beach section services. Were there rest rooms close by.

shuttles were no problem at all…infact I kind of enjoyed them. Restrooms are plentiful at the Sian Kaan section and there is a restroom there is one at the Sian kaan beach bar

Ten thousand, I am returning to the GBP Akumal in April. By the way the cervesa is still cold in the NWT. Have been there for the last 30 years.

We are seriously looking to go back to the Bahia but try the Sian Kaan side this time. it will be hard to not to be on the beach, but will be a new experience for the Bahia Nuts to try. The resort and reviews make it very enticing. If anyone has any new updates love to hear about your experiences.

Let’s get down to brass tacks…… they have chicken wings at the beach grill?

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