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In the past after we fly I would take my luggage to the local rec/hockey store that had a "Gear Clean" franchise and the bags would get ozonated and come back smelling and looking good. Sadly the store is no longer there…… so what do you do with your luggage after a trip? looking for suggestions ………

We set our suitcases on our deck for a couple of freezing nights to kill any unwanted hitch-hikers.Dipped in vodka, most mildew smells are eliminated from clothing. (waiting for it …)
Like Spunky, I’ve always left my luggage outside for about 48 hrs at below zero temperatures as a precaution against hitchhikers (insects). Or perhaps I’m trying to justify the fact that I’m too lazy to unpack?Vodka?  Mine is rum-soaked.

Once we sent ours on to Vancouver (oh, wait, that was the airline did it for us) and then they got frozen on the trip back to Calgary in a Greyhound bus to kill any bugs. Other times, We have kept them in the garage overnight for freezing the bugs. Unpack the next morning, and give everything a wash, whether we used it or not. No bad smells, ’cause we always take some big plastic bags to put our dirty clothes in, and tie the bags closed.

On, iPad, apologize for frequent typos.I usually leave mine int the living room for a good week (at least) and give it mournful looks as I walk by. I will randomly "huff" the sunscreen smell off of my sundresses. Eventually, I wash the sundresses, shorts, etc. and re-pack them into the suitcase, where they will be relegated for "next time" (I start browsing Tripcentral immediately, ans only cease when "next time" is booked)

I’m not what you’d call fastidious.

Mine gets dumped right away(depending on arrival home time) everything get washed and the rest along with case gets put on the deck to "air" out for a few days. Then packed up to wait for the next trip. As desmei says, start looking at Trip Central for the next one. LOL

I usually wash everything the next day and hang it up in the closet or fold and put in drawers. I don’t worry much about bugs. Cargo holds are pretty cold in flight. And I don’t repack until the day before I am leaving again.

Mine gets dumped right away(depending on arrival home time) everything get washed and the rest along with case gets put on the deck to "air" out for a few days. Then packed up to wait for the next trip. As desmei says, start looking at Trip Central for the next one. LOL same here. We just came back from 2 weeks in Thailand last night, and I’ve unpacked the suitcases already and the first load of laundry will be done in a few hours.

But I’ve already checked the travelsites too to see if there are any good deals out there!

It doesn’t matter what time I get home at, I unpack in the middle of the kitchen floor (so I can see if anything crawls out), throw all the clothes in the washing machine, and put all my travel stuff back into my closet which is set aside only for my travel things.

I never clean my bags, except to shake the beach sand outside on the lawn or the snow. They look like hell at this point.

My backpack departs Canada and hits the road internationally several times a year and goes through about a dozen countries on average and I only give it the occasional rinse with the backyard hose if its been to the Indian Subcontinent or somewhere else particularly filthy.

I feel like I’m doing it wrong now, haha!

I usually take anything I don’t want to freeze out (usually cosmetics), along with our Duty free booze Then we throw everything out on the the deck for a 24 hour period(usually below 0 Celcius). Everything inside our suitcases is washed accordingly, and the suitcase is then sealed in garbage bags, not for any smell reasons, we just don’t want to introduce and tropical and/or bed bugs into our house, they like us enough in Cuba! Is it overkill? Most likely! But is simple, cheap and easy to do!

24h on patio in freezin’ fargin’ conditions, followed by hot water washes and vacuuming of suitcase.
We just got back from a cruise, so procedure differed slightly, with all clothes in contact with sand placed in a separate bag in suitcase.

Well, I’ve been snapping my fingers for years and so far no elephants in my house, so I guess it works! Seriously, if you think you’ve been exposed to bedbugs, probably worth taking some precautions, but I prefer to take those when I arrive by checking the bed. As far as killing them with cold, well it has to be pretty cold. "0°F must be reached in the center of the materials being frozen to kill bed bugs. Bulky items require more time. Start counting the 4 day exposure time when the center of the object has reached 0°F.Do not use temperatures above 0°F (-15°C) as eggs and small bed bugs may survive."


I take bed bug traps with me. If there is evidence of bugs, the luggage will spend the rest of the winter in the garage. So far, in 5 trips with traps, I’ve not found any. I wish I would have taken precautions 6 trips ago.
If you declared that you were importing pets at customs, would the guards confiscate all the critters?

Of course, the other problem is that if you overnight near the airport before driving home, you may well pick up bedbugs there. Actually, I think it would be more likely here than in Cuba. Carpets are more bedbug friendly than tiled floors!

A "cheap & dirty" trap for bedbugs is to place the bed legs on mouse glue traps and see what you catch.

I had read the best place to put your luggage when you enter your room (hotel) is in the bathroom. Check the mattress & headboard for evidence & when you feel comfortable all is clear them bring your luggage into the carpeted areas

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