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She’s baaaaaaaaaack!Iberostar Playa Alameda, VaraderoFeb 28th – March 7th

Welllllllllllllllllllll, let’s just say Mother Nature must have been on vacation elsewhere, ’cause our week was on the cool side, to say the least. We had one day of 25C heat+mild winds, followed by one day of rain+wind+cold, then 3 days of sun+cold temps+high winds, and 2 days of relatively hot sunny days, with high cool winds omnipresent.

De Ups: Didn’t drink too much alcohol, love me those cortado ‘spressos!Nothing negative to say about our room (1417) Visited Havana, beeeeautiful city, one-day excursionMet up with my Cuban amigas in Matanzas, both doing well (one is planning a move to the U.S.; crossing fingers)Got to reunite with several employees from years past (Eduardo the Omelette Man, the always sympatico Alexis Jimenez, head of animation, Alexander at the beach bar, Mileny our friendly roomlady, Loca Wendy at client services, Pepe and his bro Oreste on the beach, beach animators Judi and Randy, Judith in the Santiago Bar, to name a few)Walked the marvelously long beachfront. Got in some beach volley (weather permitting)Went to a Bday party in the Buffet (we were 30-ish) and it went very well, champagne flowed, and the cake for the occasion was delicious, with excellent smiling service.De downs:Although, I repeat, we are NOT fussy eaters… I admit being quite disappointed with the lack of variety this time around, particularly in the Buffet. Ate mostly chicken which was always good, some fish, fries and sandwicheslots of bread (OMG :o), omelettes of course. Good thing I work out 8-). The best a-la-carte was Romantico, imho, where one night I took a chance on the beef tournedos (rare) and was pleasantly surprised. The down was that we were in the section with no windows and had to wear sweaters, the wind was howlin’ and blowin’ in through the curtains. As for the Italian, DEJELO:don’t bother, we went twice and were disappointed. The only good things on the menu were the antipasto and the tiramisu. All of the pasta dishes were wayyyyyyyyyyyyy overcooked, was like mush in our plates.

The ultimate downer was the weather, but whadyagonnado? We nevertheless had a relaxing week, and even if we were disappointed with the food, I will continue to recommend this hotel because the staff is really what makes the difference.

We returned from the IPA last Tuesday and had a great time, as usual. We were there 3 times last year and I actually think the food has taken a big step up from last year. The new Head Chef Jorge (from Mexico) is gradually changing things and we were very happy with the results. But each to his own, especially where food is concerned.I would like to see the shows changed up more often. For returning guests, they are getting very repetitive.

Two of the animation guys have successfully fallen in love with ladies from other countries and waiting for their visas. Good luck to all concerned!

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