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The Bahamas – Readers Travel Tips

We stayed in a condo that is owned by a friend of ours. In the Port Lucaya area. This was our third year in a row there. However, the Island has gotten quite expensive since last year. They have taken on adding a 15% gratuity to all restaurant bills as well as bar purchases. Doesn’t matter if you were given fabulous service or very slow and rude service, you had to pay it.

That’s another thing, the people working in the tourism industry have a really bad attitude. They are not as friendly as they have been in the past. For an Island that’s is trying to come back from years of slow tourism, It’s definetely not helping. It wasn’t only ourselves who noticed it. We met up with people in the airport who were just discusted with the way they were treated.

Needless to say, that is the last time that we will be visiting that Island.


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