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We all met at BaliCana situated in the heart of LosCorales, a quaint Mediterranean style village. We made reservation for 13 people the group consisted of people from the Island and others from Canada staying at various resorts. The restaurant is small but the owner managed to set up tables to accommodate all of us to sit together. The Asian menu has a good selection of various vegetarian, chicken, shrimp or beef dishes. The chef is very flexible and will customize a dish to your liking such spicy hot or not so spicy. Our meal consisted of: 4 Presidentes + entrée 4 spring rolls + 2 main dishes: one chicken pineapple curry and a Spicy Fish and Shrimp curry all served with rice. total 38$ US. A couples meal with 2 children: 2 adult meals Pad Thai, 2 kid meals(huge), 5 beer, 1 wine, and desert for 54USD. Cervesas are 3US each. The prices are very reasonable. The service was top notch. All of our main entrés were served at the same time, freshly made and served piping HOT.

Other Comments: The food was delicious, was a lovely evening away from the resort – without breaking the bank.

We will definitely be returning!!

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