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Restaurant Bambu is the sister of Restaurant La Guernica, located against the cruise terminal in Kralendijk just outside the center. Its terrace is medium sized with tables on the walkway and tables at the porch. The dinner tables are kind of small but just big enough for the way they serve dinner at one plate, the space between the tables are ok to have your privacy. That night all tables were occupied. Guests are dressed up well, the price range of Bambu restaurant is a bit above average Bambu offers a French cuisine menu and also have a day offer, ask for the price of the day offer, since some dishes can be expensive. Our choice was the Tuna Lasagna, Steak Tartar, Beef Carpaccio and the day specialty turbot with a crème of cauliflower. We drank a fruity Chilean Rosado. Just like the sister restaurant La Guernica, at Bambu the food is delicious, well presented, enough and the vegetables are not overcooked like in many restaurants. The only downside for a restaurant in this price range, I expect linen serviettes next to my plate instead of paper and the views on backside of the cruise terminal is not very romantic

The staff is very friendly and capable but were very rushed because of the amount of guests that night. Not because of the lack of attention but because of the hurried walk between tables with meals and drinks

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