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Does anyone know if any of the Caribbean resorts will hire outside bands to perform at the resort during their stay?  I know back in the day….lol, I had heard of resorts having people come stay for a week or two and offer their services…ie…aerobics instructor, nightly entertainment…cirque de soleil type shows…., offering the performers a stay for free in exchange for their services.  I was wondering if this is something anyone knows still happens?  Thanks in advance for any help….

I know when we were in Negril, there was this band from Quebec that played almost every night and they weren’t really that good.
The hotel owner was from Quebec, so I’m not sure if they were related or what the deal was, but the band members were staying at the hotel as well.

I haven’t seen any foreign bands in Cuba for years, where we go. Many, many talented volunteers and jammers but no paid performers.
Cayo Largo, Cuba

Thanks for the replys…..appreciate your time. Have a good day!!

I saw some in St.Maarten and they were good musicians. Played good music on New Year Eve and we all danced. I am not sure which resorts will accept trade music for stay but I am sure if you contact directly hotel managements you might find some that would accept. I would go after St. Maarten and similar places not Cuba ..

We stay at smaller resorts. And the bands are not paid. It is up to the guests to tip if they enjoyed the music. Obviously, the smaller the group, the tips spread around 2-3 people is are larger and more appreciated than the same tips spread around 6-8 people. But if you continue to go to the same resorts, you get to know the bands and will probably tip one individual of the band, and add to the hat (or bowl) for the band itself.

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