Barbados true paradise – Explore the Caribbean with Debbie

Barbados – even when you just hear the name it brings you pleasure. Could you think about all the beautiful things you could see, all the experience you can have and all smiles that would just appear on your face when you think about your perfect vacation there?  more…

Have you ever googled “nature wallpapers” or “beach wallpapers”? Do you know where those magnificent pictures are taken? Well, I have the answer – Barbados. All those palm trees, all those perfect beaches that just don’t have an end, that is all in Barbados. If you have never been there, I guarantee that once you just see pictures from there, that destination will become your lifetime goal.

This small island is located in the western area of the North Atlantic and about 100 kilometers east of the Carribean Sea. The meaning of Barbados is the bearded ones. Why this name is not really clear, "bearded" could be because of the long hanging roots of the fig-tree, maybe because of the bearded Caribs that once inhabited the island or, as many people think, because of the foam spraying over the outlying reefs giving the impression of a beard.

This may be a small island, but it can give you a lot of pleasure. There are many things one can do there. The first thing I recommend you to do when you go there is just leave all of your luggage in your hotel and just go and lie on the beach. The feeling that you will have cannot be described with words. Then just dive in the ocean and know paradise. No matter what hotel or resort you choose, you won’t be wrong. There are many resorts you can choose from. The prices vary depending on the hotel – resort. Depending on the time period when you are going, you can find a hotel from about $70 a night, up to hundreds of dollars. But trust me, every penny is worth. The best thing about Barbados is the climate is amazing. In the “cold” months – from December to May, the average temperatures range from 21 to 31 degrees Celsius and in the “warm” months they vary from 21 to 33 degrees. The difference is that in the “cold” months there is rain, but no more than 2000mm. So, no matter when you visit Barbados you are going to have the best vacation ever.

The number one thing to see in Barbados are the Hunte’s Gardens – this is a botanical garden where you can see the most amazing pants on the planet Earth and some of the rarest animals. This place will please even the most keen gardeners and enthusiasts. The placement is really unusual – it is in a sinkhole in the center of the Barbados rain forest. This location offers a multidimensional experience, plants growing on so many levels, there is such a contrast – sunny open spaces and mysterious dark spaces – the real dark, frightening heart of the Caribbean jungle. Other things one could see there are amazing beaches, terrific bays and for the ones that just want to continue their habits from home, there are outstanding golf courses. For the teenagers, interesting fact is that the superstar celebrity Rihanna is born in Barbados, so if one’s children does not want to go on vacation there, a good plan is to just give them the information that their favorite singer makes concerts there really often. So if you are lucky you may just be there to see one more attraction.

Another thing one could do is go to the spa resorts, many of them offer massages on the beach under the beautiful traditional huts, so that one could look at the ocean, enjoy the Sun and experience a nirvana from the whole experience while the warm wind plays with their hair.

All in all, Barbados is the place to visit, you are never too old or too young to experience this. This island offers the experience of a lifetime, you will never want to leave. No matter what you are experienced in, or what you just want to try – swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling, skydiving, golfing or just reading a book on the beach, you have it there. The only thing you can regret is why you did not visit this paradise earlier.

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