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hey guys i’am new at this ,anyways i am looking for a vacation to Barbados for this fall.i have been there twice already and just love it and i am looking for anyone who has stayed at any hotels so i can find a nice one for me and my wife.hoping it will be a surprise.and i am also looking to renew our wedding vows on the i am hoping someone out there could give me some ideas.thanks alto

I was there once before (and going back in Sep) and I stayed at the Bouganvillea. It was a nice resort and good beach with an outcrop they use for weddings. We must have seen at least 4 while there.I am not staying there this next trip as they refuse to guarantee me a second floor room. I spoke with them over a month ago and it would seem to me that far out they should be able to guarantee a particular style of room. All they wanted was my credit card number and said I would have a room somewhere. Not gonna cut it.So if you dont care about where your room is…..its a nice place.


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