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I just came back from arenas blancas yesterday. I really had a blast. I was expecting a lot but I definitely got more of what I was expecting. The staff members at arenas blancas are so nice and warm. They’re also always there to help you. I went for spring break with my mom and they really had nice night activities for the kids. It was called mini disco.. the little kids loved it. Also after that at around 9:45 every night they had a group of professional dancers that danced on the stage (arenas blancas or solymar)and they were amazing and so nice. That’s probably my favorite thing of the trip.:) When it comes to the food well… I am a very picky person I don’t like a lot. But maybe for others the food was excellent. I have to say that I’m not use to this kind of food so that’s probably why I wasn’t to crazy about it. One last thing that amazed me it’s that the cubans are all so talented. I realized that 🙂
I would definitely go back (I didn’t even wanted to leave from there) any time soon. HOPEFULLY!

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The arrival in Cuba, Havana was really nice. They really open there arms for you and make you feel comfy after a long plane ride. Then the arrival at Arenas Blancas was normal, you go check in. s

The rooms were nice and comfy. I really liked it.

Restaurants and Bars:
The restaurant/ buffet was okay but the bar WOW I loved it.

The beach was beyond beautiful. I loved it. There wasn’t anybody coming up to you and bothering you to buy something (like in other counties) they would just stay in their corner. The pool was nice, big and very clean. The grounds… WOW. I loved everything.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: I don’t really know because I didn’t do any activities out of the resort excepting for swimming with the dolphins. I loved swimming with them. It’s amazing how fully trained they are but I have to admit that at first I was really scared but after a while I got used to it and would definitely go back and swim with them.

Activities on the resort: The activities at the hotel (arenas Blancas) were a lot of fun. I loved it and loved the people animating them. I practically love the people in Cuba.

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