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After reading some of the reviews, I feel like I stayed at a different resort! Wow, some people seem awfully difficult to please!! I stayed at the hotel recently, and was quite satisfied. Here is the rundown… BEACH – It’s GORGEOUS! The water was quite warm and really clean. It was wavy at times, but I don’t mind that at all. My friend would go to the beach at 9AM to get a beach chair in the shade. It’s not like some of the resorts, where people get up at the crack of dawn to reserve their place. STAFF – The staff at the resort were very friendly, especially the entertainment staff. People knew us by our first names and were always incredibly warm. WEATHER: It was really warm and sunny. There was usually a nice breeze by the ocean though which made the extreme heat bearable (except for one day). It rained for about an hour on two evenings, but it didn’t matter, because most of the people were out of the sun when it started raining FOOD – The a la carte restaurants are better. The Cuban restaurant and the International Restaurant are great. The Italian restaurant is also good. They limit you to 2 visits a week, but the restaurants are often not full (despite what the people at the reservation area tell you) but we would go to the restaurants without a reservation and they never turned us away. POOL – I’ve read that’s dirty but it wasn’t dirty at all when I was there. The water was NOT green and you COULD see your body while swimming. It’s a nice big pool. It was REALLY NICE! CLEANLINESS – the hotel and rooms were clean. We were always provided with clean fresh towels daily and our room was always spotless.

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