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I just got back from a stay at Arenas Blancas, and it was a decent experience overall. Since it was my first time in Cuba, I didn’t really know what to expect. The hotel room was large and clean. The swimming pool was absolutely amazing… it winds around the hotel gardens and has many shallow areas for kids and also deeper areas for more serious swimming. The buffet food was OK, with a good variety of rice and meat dishes. They do tend to "recycle" leftover food from lunch at dinner time, and some guests found this quite terrible. However, most of the food at Arenas Blancas is a luxury compared to what local Cubans get. The Havana tour guide told us that Cuban rations include only 1/2 lb of beef and 1 lb of pork per year, 6-8 eggs a month, etc. If you want more, you need to pay a LOT of money. The other a la carte restaurants were fantastic. The snack bar was a serious letdown, though. They only served ham and cheese sandwiches, but the hotel across the road had juicy hamburgers! There are plenty of excursions from the hotel… Havana trip (1-2 days), Jeep Safari, scuba-diving, horseback riding. I was never bored during my stay there. I met many people at the hotel who have been there more than once, so I guess this speaks for the overall quality of the resort.

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