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O.K. I was only here for the weekend, just two nights in October 2005, because I was travelling around Cuba. I had seen enough in those two days to say the the Hotel will meet with your requirements. There is plenty to eat and drink, and you would have to be a really "finicky eater" not to enjoy the food available. I only had one complaint, but I don’t think it is the fault of the hotel, that there was 2 days of constant heavy rain and wind. So, I am not able to tell you too much about the facilities in the complex. Location is o.k. though, just a pleasant couple of minutes walk to the center. If you have never been to Varadero before, you have to start somewhere, just like I did, I am set in my ways now, and I will go back there on my next visit, even if there are better hotels next door. Better the Devil you know hey!

Hope I have helped a little!

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