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My wife and I like to travel and have found the Caribbean area quite nice for a winter getaway. However this all changed between 12/25/09 & 1/1/10. I have made a list of all the problems that we had encountered in all of the different rooms that we had stayed in. Problems with rooms 3319 (1) Mold on walls in bathroom. (2) Thermostat was only held in place by wire that connected it so it rotated which made it impossible to control temperature in room. (3) Room cramped with too much furniture. (4) Buttons on chair in room rusted, brown stain on white beach cover up. (5) Dust on Stucko walls made it look like room was painted 2 tone. (6) Lock on door fell off because screws had been stripped. (7) All fixtures in room are corroded (rusty). (8) Phone and TV wires hanging out of wall boxes. Room 4104 (1) Sewage and sewer gas backing up into bathtub and sink, water seeping up thru floor. (2) Sliding door in room very hard to move (my wife could not move it) and lock doesn’t work. Room 4319 (1) Air conditioner only has 1 fan speed and temperature unable to adjust, have to adjust temperature in room by opening sliding door. (2) Mattress on bed is pillow top down and very uncomfortable.

(3) Wicker chairs on balcony worn out, have to be careful so that don’t get cut by broken wicker.

Your Arrival:
When we arrived there where another couple checking in and 3 attendants at the front desk, we were ignored because the only one that could speak English was helping the other couple but finally did get our room.

Rooms: It is suggested that it is a 5 star and upon arrival the room that we received 3319 had numerous maintenance problems and I would give it a 1star (*) at best. I went to the front desk and attempted to get a room change on the first day of our stay and was turned down. My thoughts were that being in a foreign country and not speaking Spanish we will just have to make the best of it. On Monday of our stay I went to the front desk again and after getting loud the attendant found another room that we moved to 4104 which on 1st moving to this room we felt that we had been upgraded (4 star) still not what is advertised. I called the front desk Tuesday and reported that the bath tub was not draining and was told that someone would be there to check, no one showed up to check problem. Then Wednesday after spending the day on the beach my wife had gotten to much sun and wanted to come back to the room and just relax before our reservation for dinner because she had a headache. When we arrived in our room there was a maintenance person with an electric hammer outside of our room and the noise in our room was overwhelming, I asked him what was going on and he informed me that there was a problem in the room next door and that he would be done making all the noise in 30 min. I told him that he had to stop the noise and went to the front desk to report the problem. Upon returning to my room I found the bath tub filled with sewage and water on the floor by the sink we were unable to use the bathroom so then I went to the front desk again, this time they offered a different room so I packed our entire luggage again (My wife feeling worse after all the noise and sewer smell in our room was unable to help) and moved it to another room (4319) and missed our reservation that evening. I informed the desk that the air conditioner in this room would not adjust fan speed or temperature and that the TV had very poor reception and was told that they would repair immediately, they did nothing. My experience is that your hotel is very much lacking in maintenance and that the front desk and maintenance lacks sense of urgency and the only way to get attention is to get loud while other guests are at check in. I have not experienced this on any of my previous travels which have included the Dominican Republic as well as many other destinations.

The maid service was very inconsistent one day leaving beverages and the next day leaving the fridge empty, towels had to be removed from the room and washed before new towels would be put in room, we asked for wash cloths and they didn’t know what we wanted.

Restaurants and Bars:
The buffet restaurants had a few good items but mostly it was not appealing to my taste. We did find the reservation restaurants quite nice and food was good and some was even exceptional.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach is quit nice except for all of the cigarette butts and locals that come on the weekends, many venders roaming the beach but if you ignore them or tell them that you are not interested they will leave you alone. If you do decide to purchase something negotiate the price because most of the time you can buy for 1/4 the price that they initially ask.

Trash was not picked up until completely full, lights along walks moistly just flashed on then off.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Shows in evening are OK but not as good as have seen at all of the other places that we have stayed. We did take a tour to Santa Domingo and had a very good time, alot of history and went to some shops as well as street vendors, this was quite the experience.

Other Comments:
In all I suggest that if you want to have a vacation that you will never forget go the Barcelo Capella Beach in Juan Dolio but if you want to have a relaxing vacation find another location. After complaining about the accommodations or lack of we did receive a letter from the director offering us a 2 night 3 day stay for free but have declined this offer because I don’t believe the 2nd trip would be any different than the 1st.

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