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Got there around 5, were treated to a rum punch while we waited, shown to our rooms right away.

Bathroom was clean, rooms were clean but old. Beds were fair, old though.

Restaurants and Bars: Buffet was good, the a la cartes were good. Spanish and Japanese were the best, followed by Brazilian and Mexican. The Italian restaurant was no good. Prompt service at the bars, the only problems we had were: 1 – regardless of the size of the lineup, if someone came to the back of the line and ordered in Spanish the bartender would skip everyone else and serve them 2 – when asked if they spoke Spanish or French, the girls in our group said no. The bartender the looked them up and down, turned to his partner and said something in Spanish and they laughed. Rude. The servers were all friendly, I found their moods got better if you tried to use Spanish for please and Thank you.

We had a server named Estevinson at the buffet the first night who kept the cuba libres and rum punch coming, we tipped him well and never had to wait for drinks all week.

Everything was clean, there wasn’t garbage all over the beach like at Macao. It wouldn’t have hurt them to clean up the seaweed, though.Brought our own beach towels so we didn’t have to wait for the ones from the hut. All the locals "huts"/shops were at the end of the beach, so there wasn’t anybody harassing you to buy things unless you went over there.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Went on the Outback Safari and Sonoa excursions, both of which I would recommend.

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