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Hello Everyone. I have read all the other information regarding this resort but I do have another type of question please. We are going to vacation at Barceló Montelimar Beach Resort in January 2009. We live in Houston, Texas so the flight is pretty easy…the part that I could not find any information on was the bus ride from the airport to the resort. There is only one nonstop flight out of Houston and it gets into Managua at 6:30 p.m. Does anyone know if that is too late to catch a bus…any information regarding transportation to the resort would be very appreciative. Thank you.

I have no idea about buses (we booked a ride through our agent) but I will be there from March 21 – April 04, so I will try to find out for you . . .

Checked with friend that works at the Hotel Barcelo:Hello Ben!Nice to hear from you…Here everything goes well….for transfer from Managua Airport to hotel itwould be easier for them to get a cab from airport…cost is about70$us one way by car. How many people are they? If they’re more then 3 they might have to take a van and it cost more…talk to you soon..

Best regards

I am impressed that you have planned so far in advance!
I just returned from Montelimar (week of February 17th 2008). The best way to get there is to take a taxi that the hotel will arrange for you. It costs US$ 60.00 … the automobiles are small so if you have more than 4, you will need a van. Also, do not take BIG suitcases because they will not fit in the trunk. Frankly, I overpacked … you don’t need much to get through a week … the hotel’s phone number is 505 269 6769

lhflynn:We are a family of 6 and will be travelling with a lot of luggage because we are travelling with an infant: they told us that "GreyLine" will be picking us up – are you familiar with this?? I am assuming it is a small bus??


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