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The new Toronto Sunquest 2007/2008 Winter Preview Book has the Barcelo in Nicaragua listed. There are no prices listed but has been a real deal from Montreal in past years. Every listing is "Now On Sale" so travel agents must have prices.

Hi: I assume this is offered out of Montreal. As much as it is a destination I would like to return to, it won’t be happening next winter – we are already booked for another destination. Strongly recommend to others to visit this country.
it appear the price is around $1200 plus 239 taxes, try escapes.caflights are on Tuesdayswhen we went there we book last min for under $500 in January

The book I have is out of Toronto, Sunquest winter preview book. It is also offered by Nolitours departing from Montreal.

Last year the same thing was offered out of Toronto through Conquest in a preview book, but it never actually transpired. It will be interesting if Sunquest actually goes through with it. If so, then I missed out. We have already booked and paid for our winter trip next year. I definitely would like to return to Nicaragua with our friends so they can enjoy that country and resort.

Looks like Sunquest it going to this destination from TO…
You can book it. Anyone going or been …. please tell all.

Koz: What improvements do you think it needed? Come on, tell us.
It’s been a few years since you have been there, weren’t you satisfied with it then?

the food was OKthe la carte sucx big timelack of chairs at the poolwe only paid $600/person when we did go, for that price it was great

In this year book, it is $1400/person , for $1400 there has be improvements

Oh gee Koz, I totally forgot about the a la carte. It was pretty bad, eh? The company wasn’t though, thank heavens.

And how could I forget about the lack of chairs around the pool.

My mistake.

P.S. The beautiful sunsets every night made up for it.

I think there will be some great last minute pricing,
since everyone is still scared to go, and Tuesday departure

Hey there, everyone!My family and I are booked for two weeks at the Barcelo for Easter. We are very excited.We booked everything separately, but we are happy with it. We will be a party of 5 ranging from 11 months to 61 years.I have read the reviews here and all the ones on T.A. and am pleased with the things I have read, but I had a dozen questions or so and I emailed people who left their addresses, but no one has gotten back to me so far – perhaps I will add a thread here – it couldn’t hurt!If anyone has any advice, please let me know. I am travelling with my infant son, so I am trying to be very informed.ThanksS.
We booked the tickets through American Airlines, Toronto to Managua via Miami; then booked the hotel portion through Trip Central (they were able to get a better rate than I was able to get). We also booked the transfers through them as well . . . when it was all said and done, it was a little less than if we had to have booked a package.

We will also have a rep on site in case we have problems . . .

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