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Arrival: March 4 -11 arrived at 300pm , we were suppose to get seperate check in as we upgraded to premium package , but we checked with everyone else , not sure why , but still only took 15 min or so . but we were second in line . there was no one to take us to our room , as promised in premium package. not a big deal to us , but maybe to others . staff was freindly.


we had a heck of a time finding our room , no one to take us there , and bell boys were busy. had to ask a maid where it was , and she spoke NO english. took about 15 minutes. once there we weren’t dissapointed , but we weren’t all oh’s and ah’s either . just a nice clean room . we had 2 queen size beds i think or very big doubles..?? bathroom was spacious and clean , and nothing smelled bad . a/c worked very well and had to turn it down or off at times. we had a 3rd floor room with a nice view of ocean , and overlooked the pool , juccuzi area. stayed in building 7. note all buildings are attached and lobby is # 3 go left to get to 1, and 2 . and right to find 4,5,6, and 7 hope that helps someone in the future. first # is building , then floor and finally room. 7310 for eg: is building 7 3rd floor room 10. no one toild us anything like this !! we had payed for upgrade and should have had a flat pannel on the wall but ended up with a regular 27 inch . we didn’t spend much time watching it , but again it might mean something to others. we did find some small spiders in the room , but we just sprayed some off ( which we always carry ) and no more appeared for the week.

Restaurants and Bars

buffets are very good , lots of selection . all foods have id cards abouve them so you can tell what your eating before you take it . i found some goat stew which looked very good , but i was nervous about trying. main buffet makes omlettes to oder in morning , and fresh pasta to order in pm. beach bar is open at 8 am for brkfst and has less choice but all the basics….bacon, pancakes , fruit , omlettes to order, coffee, etc…. very good. the beach bar at lunch is just great , the burgers are amazing, and go fast. fresh fish and chicken is also available , and i think rabbit is as well. ( if you would like to try ) we did 4 of the ala’cartes. french , sea food barbq, dominican , and japanese. all had great food to offer , and a pleasant atmoshere. the french was the only one where men had to wear long pants and closed shoes . the others you could wear long shorts and sandals as long as your shoulders were covered.

the french one had a pork tenderloin that was sooooo good. it fell apart with your fork. never waited more that 2-3 minutes at any bar for drinks , and always found room at restuarants . for the # of people going thru i was surprised. we did see some people waiting in line for supper , but they did go a little later.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: beach was just great , no seaweed , lots of room , and chairs. and lots or people. i advise saving your chairs by 8am , or earlier if you want certain ones . tide is a little strong , and the undertow is heavy , but if your aware it should be no problem , we had our 12 yr old son and he never had an issue. the 4 pools are very nice , clean and well kept. swim up bar is open at 930 and well stocked. loungers go fast so saving by 7 is a good idea. gotta be 300 of them around the pool looked like a lot of fun with 2 slides and waterfalls . no garbage on grounds , always some one walking around cleaning up. very nice landscaping. just a very nice place to be and relax

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel

we did the parasailing off the beach, 85 tandem , 55 single i believe was the pricing . in the air for a good 15 minutes . and probably 45 min round trip with taking you out , and bringing you back. worth it to me !! we also went to swim with the dolphins at Manati Park . 95 per person for the park entrance and swim. 30 min bus ride from resort. the park is like a nature park with lots to see in way of wild life . iguana’s, crocs , parrots, flamingos , monkeys , etc…. they put on a couple of shows as well . one being a parrot show which is cute , and kind of cool . the other is a horse show of sorts. and not woth the time in my opinion . ( i have been around horses a lot so nothing for me )

the dolphin swim is ok , if you’ve never done it before , but it lacks in comparision tO others if you have . maybe 15 minutes in ths pool. less than 10 floating and getting to touch them ( there was 2 ) then individual interaction…….getting a dolphin kiss and a pull to the edge of pool. ( you hold onto the two under belly flippers and the swim back wards) my first time so i liked it . my wifes second ( first in cancun ) and she said it lacked. either way it was an ok way to spend 5 hrs and a 100 bucks per person. you need to sneak your drinks in . if they see them they will make you leave at front . my son had his taken away , not sure why and never really asked , think maybe someone could try to harm animals ???? or maybe they just want your $$$ at concession.

Other Comments: all in all not a lot to complain about from us . we never had bad weather , but we did get some wind for 4 days and the sand could sting at times. we were told not to go left of your resort on the beach , as you could get robbed. we were the last resort ,and another was just being built to the left . and a couple of people did get robbed ,so please don’t. shopping is offered every 2nd night on resort , or you can go 20 minutes to shopping plaza out front of resort. just trinkets and tshits mostly. barter hard as they want your money. remember this is a 3rd world country and it is not the faulty of the resort if you get travellers tummy , be prepared . ( pepto in the morning is a good idea , even if your not upset ) the ratings are not like those you find in north america . this resort is very nice , but not a 5 star . personally i would give it a 4…..barely. but still a 4. 5 stars are reserved for mable fountains and granduer. but you usually pay a lot more for it as well. anyone looking to get away from the snow and cold and just enjoy them selves will not be dissapointed . go with an open mind and come home with a smile and tan!!

i am including my e-mail if you want to ask anything please don’t hesitate. i can also share some pics of resort if needed , i know the wbsites are terrible for that . thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy your holiday KENT

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