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Arrival: April 6 – April 13 We flew with air transat, arrived at Dominican airport. Lovely ladies greeting you at the door when you walk in, people were very fast paced but then again, you are at an airport therefore people don’t have the time to be gentle with you. Went around corner, greeted by a man with the sign and our resort name (Barcelo Premium)and bus number. Sucsessfully made it on the bus where a man came in and reviewed things with us and counted to reassure that everyone who was meant to be on the bus, was. Lengthy process ( about 10 minutes ) however, he took the nessicary procautions. Better safe than sorry. Bus driver introduced, along with our tour guide for the bus. Nice 30/40 minute bus ride. Bus driver was not crazy like everyone claims they are, no bus scares. Also, lots of beer and when we ran out, they were quick to get more. Overall, a sucessful bus ride.


When we got to the resort, Barcelo Premium Hotel. Our rooms weren’t ready. We were renting out two rooms in hopes that they would be beside eachother. They were in different levels and they were apparently the "dated" rooms. However, we asked the desk managers if there was any possible way we could upgrade rooms and he was more than willing to give us different rooms. It costed extra because not only did he get us, renovated rooms in level 6( I think ) he met our wishes and got us rooms not only in the same level, but right beside eachother. Since we made this big upgrade we had to wait a little longer. However, the bell boys graciously waited with our luggage in holding until our room was ready. In the meantime we went to the beach. Once our rooms were ready, we went into both with very low expectations due to the standards of other reviews claiming that all Barcelo rooms were dispicable. When we entered the rooms we were very pleased. 2 double beds ( very comfy ), a flat screen TV, very clean bathrooms and a safe/fridge and a spacy balcony over-looking the theatre in one room. The other room had one king sized bed with everything else the same as the other room. 2322 and 2323 were our room numbers. So, I suggest you get a room in the 2000’s. Overall, the fee for the upgrade was well worth it. Had a spactacular stay in our rooms.

Also, the maids did a fantastic job with our rooms and kept them very clean. Drinks were always supplied in fridge, never a need to have to ask for anything. And the maids were very appreciative of their gifts we left them on the bed. ( trinkets, $1, etc. )

Restaurants and Bars: As for the restaurants, we had a bit of a mix up because our papers didn’t come in our package. Therefore, we didn’t have reservations. That was fine though, we just went to the front desk and they made reservations for us. We had them for the Dominican, Tokio and Italian. However, we didn’t go to the Dominican because people said it was very bad and not worth the late night wait. The Tokio(Japenese) restaurant was amazing. Great food, very clean and the cook was spactacular at what he does. The Italian was also great. All the other times we went to the buffet, it was busy, but if you go to it at the right times it’s quiet. Although, it was busy. There always was enough food and there weren’t long lines to get your food. The cooks supplied many decorative ideas on the end tables of the buffets. (We went on Easter, therefore it was very Easter oriented.) Bars, oh my. The bars. Where to start, there are bars located all over the resort of Barcelo premium. We tended to stick to the quiet side. However, there were also bars on the loud "activity" section, by the pool, in the theatre, sports bar and a resturant bar. The drinks there were good, and a great thing was that the bartenders could speak fairly good French and English so it wasn’t hard to communicate and it was a nice gesture that at this resort the bartenders wait on you, so you don’t find yourself having to go to the bar all the time. Overall the restaurant and bars were great and we didn’t have much trouble with them.


The beach, pool and grounds were AMAZING. Despite the fact that many people would reserve their loungers early in the morning, there was always enough room for you to find a lounger. If you go to the pool early enough in the morning, you really take to note the cleanliness of Barcelo when you find men in the pool actually scrubbing down every inch of the pool, including the loungers. Same goes with the beach, there are people every morning who rake the beach. The hole resort in general, was very clean. You would always see the workers cleaning the chairs, indoors and out. Also, for parents who have children staying at the resort, you would be glad to know they had a childrens pool with a slide, etc. Yet, there are still loungers there so you can tan and relax while being able to keep on top of your children. If you are not coming with children though, there are still two types of pools. If you are the type of people who like to relax and lounge there is what they call the "quiet" section where it’s typically low key, and people go to bathe in the sun. If you are more of an activity person, there is what they call the "activity pool" where they have water aerobics, yoga in the mornings and entertainers and music playing games and just dancing for you. Overall I really liked the shape that the beach, pool and grounds were in. No faults that I could find.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel

We didn’t go on any escursions, but from what we heard. They were great, depending on which one you choose. However, there were pleanty of activites happening on the beach/pool. They had games and events basically from 9-5pm. Also, they had parasailing ( we went parasailing, very fun.. Highly reccomend it) snorkiling and such right on Barcelo resort. As for actvities, there were lots. Very good.

Other Comments

The only thing I can say about Barcelo is to make sure you have a renovated room, if you don’t, upgrade it. And make sure all your reservations are booked before you settle in. Other than that, there isn’t much else I can say besides that I would personally go back in a snap of a finger if I could, amazing amazing time, lots of nice people. Just an amazing trip overall.

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