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Well if you want the view, here is the place! BUT! beware of the waiters, that ignore you for 25 mins. They want a tip for breathing, and having to look at you …. The rooms were spot on, and my sheets were cleaned every other day. The maid was spot on with the mini-bar, and was very polite! Yes you guessed it!! yes she was breathing as well!! In the buffet diner, the attention was BRILLIANT! If I left my table for the bar, and my drink (beer) was low in the glass, they come back to a fresh full glass! excellent! Dont be offended, if they touch you. This is their way to show they care about your stay. THE DOLPHINS AH! WOOOOOOOW! Is the best word that comes to mind, without swearing.Don’t go to cuba, thats if you are nervous around dolphins! I’m not and spent an unreal aternoon with them. Listen!! YOU MUST GO! Its a ten minute ride, in a dodgy little mini-coach. The money you pay for the trip, is money well spent. The hotel was, so i was told built in 2000. But did look a little tatty in places. It did look older, but hey it looked good. If you were a builder by trade, you would worry. I came across loose tiles, at the right hand end of the building 4th floor waiting to commit suicide. Yeah ok, it was hurricane season oct/nov 05. But didnt expect to see them still there 12 days later! But overall, yes, the resort is quiet good for entertainment. Spot on with the salsa show in the Main Hall (theatre).The ammount of effort they put into their dance, is a pure credit to the resort and possibly the country. Would i go again? yes definatley… Maybe another hotel, but would pop in to say hello to the waiters without fail. And, AND!! Dont forget the 25 cuc,s airport tax you have to pay before you get your boarding card this is each! as this can be a costley exercise just to leave the country.

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