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José A Peña # 67 e/La Pastora y Antonio Maceo; Remedios; Villa Clara

Posted by: Emilly on Oct 19, 2014
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This is a small but nice hotel where I would love to visit again during my next vacation in Cuba. This hotel has a beautiful and airy lobby which was the first thing that struck me during my stay here. On the day I arrived, the manager was very kind to me and was also welcoming, he saw to it that ii was shown to my room quickly and that was really nice. This hotel has a beautiful inner patio which is a feature of Spanish style décor. It is a three floor hotel and there is no lift which kind of freaked me a bit but I got over it and enjoyed my stay. The room was clean and very comfortable; the bed was soft in my opinion and everything ranging from the air condition to the bathroom was in good working condition. I visited here in March and had a great time, I stayed for 6 days and never had any issues with the amenities or facilities or the staff. Let me not forget to mention that the staff here was extremely helpful and polite and will always try to help out once you call their attention. The only thing I can say about this place is that I think the food here is expensive for such little selection but there were all tasty and nice. I got what I didn’t expect from a hotel located in such as small town but they managed to make my holiday worth it.

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It is a nice hotel that offers so good services that you would like to visit it again. At least once more in your lifetime. This year I decided to travel with my husband and the kids to this little place in Cuba even that we didn’t know much about it before traveling to this city. We didn’t have such a huge expectation because the price was really affordable and the city was small and not so well known so that mislead us to have the wrong perception of the things. All we wanted was a nice calm vacation with the kids so we can charge our batteries. The hotel seems nice even from outside. The architecture is typically Spanish and that can be easily noticed from the outside look of the building. The beach is nearby and I must admit it looks great, we have spent so many happy hours relaxing and swimming. There is a huge lobby that offers great comfort and the chance to chat with other guests or just read quietly. For me nice detail was the color choice for the walls. The kids like the lobby because they can play as much as they want. I must admit that the food was something that provide me the highest pleasure. It was excellent! So tasty fresh Cuban food that I could eat and not worry about my health or the health of my closest ones. It was very easy to notice that they had experienced chefs and every day fresh food supply. The room was nice and clean and unlikely the other Cuban hotels, here the air conditioning was actually functional all the time. All the people that were working in the hotel were so kind and nice that I had some kind of sad feeling that when I left this place I left part of my friends back there. All in all I would recommend this city and exactly this hotel to all the people that want a calm and nice hotel with welcoming employees and all that for such an affordable price. I would definitely visit it again.

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