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We stayed at the Barlovento Feb. 24 to March 10/06 and were pleasantly surprised! The hotel grounds are very lush and for the most part, well maintained. Three pools meant there was never a problem getting a lounge chair. The room was big, two queen sized beds, ours (#301) looked out over the biggest of the pools and was very nice (very small balcony though). The maids kept everything in good order and always left us swans, hearts and elephants made out of towels and/or blankets. The beach is probably the best in the area, lots of lovely sand, lots of loungers and the beach bar staff always kept the rum flowing!!! Unfortunately, a lot of people on vacation didn’t use the garbage cans and the beach became quite littered at the end of the day with empty plastic drink cups, but it was always cleaned up by the morning. The nightly entertainment never failed to make us laugh and cheer and everyone tried their best to ensure we had a good time. The staff were great, treated everyone well and were always helpful if you had questions. The only drawback for us was the food. My husband and I are NOT picky eaters, but the buffets left much to be desired during our two weeks. The food was plentiful, but very bland. We didn’t let it ruin our vacation, we just found things that we liked and stuck to that, with the occasional off site supper to keep us happy. Overall, I would definitely recommend this hotel, it had a good mix of young and old, families and singles.

We got out of the hotel on a daily basis and did explore Varadero and area, we will definitely be back.

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