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I arrived at the Kawama, where I’d booked, to find out they were OVERbooked so I’d been bumped "up" to the Barlovento. I arrived just before 9:30 pm, just as they were closing the buffet for the night; good thing I’d eaten on the plane! I was checked in by a surly fellow and left to find my room all on my own. The lighting was very poor, and they’d stuck me in a ground level room, way at the back. There were bloodstains on my sheet and rust in my tub. Not very uplifting. My bottom lip quivered, but I thought I’d make the best of it and went to say "hi" to the beach. I said hi, and went roaming around, checking out the public areas. I tried to order a drink and was told they didn’t have wine (I’d ordered sangria). I joined a bunch of very drunk, chain-smoking Russians and French Canadians in the outdoor theatre. The dancing was beautiful–very talented men and women. The atmosphere was nastacular, though. I went to bed when the entertainment was over. I slept fairly well in my dreary room, only to be awakened VERY early by traffic noise and thwop-thwop-thwop! Tennis court room! I changed rooms later in the day. I was moved to a second floor room overlooking the pool. MUCH better, except for the one night there was a rave or something nearby. I thought I was going to cry.

Restaurants and Bars: The food was pretty terrible, and the buffet service was worse. I was a lone female and I was avoided like the plague. I only ever had one good server, and her name was Deysey. She’s the only person I had to tip. The food was…wow. It was covered in flies, picked over, warm when it should have been cold…I stuck with cheese, meat and bread for breakfast most days, and for lunch I ate at the pool grill after my first lunchtime experience, where I could not get a glass of wine for some reason. Others were drinking wine, but when I politely asked my waiter if I could have a glass, he threw up his hands and said, "Pah!". Alrighty. To the grill I went. The burgers there were very good, as were the homemade potato chips.

The a la cartes were very good. The Italian was delicious, with indifferent service; my appetizer and entree came at the same time? Tasty though. The Mexican wasn’t as tasty, but the service was outrageously fun. Those guys love their job, and it was a fun dinner for one.

The beach is very nice, but there was a pervy security guard who kept telling me how drop dead gorgeous I am, and how perfect my body is (it isn’t). I spent two days with that, then moved along to Kawama’s beach and facilities; I used Barlovento as my resting place only.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
I never noticed a disco of any sort, but there was usually something going on like shuffleboard, music, dancing, water ballet. I divided my evenings between Barlovento and Kawama.

Other Comments:
Smoking. Smoking everywhere. In the outdoor theatre, in the lobby…just gross. I wouldn’t go back.

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