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Arrival: Feb 7 – 14 We are a family of there and my daughter is six, we went with another family and there daughter the same age. We flied to Punta Cana via Sunwing, then took the 2 hour bus ride to the hotel, I got a bit motion sickness but everybody else on the bus was fine. Check in was easy and we got welcome drink.


The room has everything I needed, clean, only one day we didn’t get refill bath gel, I didn’t mind because I use my own stuff anyway.

Restaurants and Bars

The buffet was OK, not as good as the Oasis in Punta Cana. Beach Bar has very limited food but my six year old was happy with Hot dog and fries, we only ate there once and other days we went through the trouble to cover up and went to Buffet. The Japanese restaurant was open when we were there and needs reservation. The setting was beautiful, elegant and romantic. They gave you a couple of sushi and did Teriyaki in front of you, it’s very good to watch but I was not crazy about the food(Our local Sushi Buffet has much better food). We went once to the Mexico Restaurant, I ordered Seafood marinade appetizer and Fajita, the raw seafood didn’t smell very fresh, Fajita was OK. We ended up going back to the Buffet. We decided not to go to the Italian after the Japanese and Mexico experience.


The Beach is beautiful with some Palm trees. The sand above the water was soft but not as soft as in Punta Cana. The shallow water and soft sand only stretch about two meters toward the sea and then there is a big drop in sea level and water became quiet deep for my daughter(above her shoulder), and the ground became quiet rocky, I need water shoes. MY daughter has a little life jacket on so she did’t reach the bottom and she had tons of fun riding the wave. But her little friend only had the arm inflation on and was scared and never pass the big drop. So I think this beach is not very good for little kids who cannot swim. The pool were not as warm as the ocean, the kids pool is the coldest. I wish the big pool had a slope that would be good for the kids. The Hotel ground was OK, the girls had fun feeding the fish and the turtle. The best part of the beach is the fake reef. They put lots of big jars (tall as a person) along the line defining the swimming area, there were tons of fish over there, we went snorkeling everyday, I like those Dori fish very much. My husband tried to catch the lobsters but only got some spines in his fingers, ouch, ouch.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel

There is always something to do, aerobic, aqua gym, this and that.

My daughter had lots of the fun in Mini Disco, she wanted to win at the game after but never did.

We went on the Catalina excursion booked with Sunwing Rep, $98 quiet expensive. IT was raining when we got to Altos de Chavon, then stopped later, the little village is very beautiful, then they took us to shopping in La Romana, only bought a toy, then we took the speeding boat to the Island. The beach was very nice, the reef looks beautiful and very close to shore. The day we went was windy and some of the reef are pretty close to the surface, the snorkeling was nice but I was so scared the reef might scratch me. We had lobster lunch and spend 3.5 hours on the island, we were supposed to ride the alligator boat in the river but they cancelled it because there was too much water in the river, we tried to get some refund but failed. We also took a 1.5 hour snorkel excursion with the dive shop at the beach, &20, they took us to Bayahibe where it is close to Dream La Romana, the snorkeling is so good, better than Catalina, I love the blue fish with shining diamond over its body. We wanted to go the next day but there wasn’t enough people they didn’t take us, so we had to snorkel in the fake reef again, which is not bad either.

Other Comments

This is our third time to Dominic Republic, we went to Punta Cana twice before, this time we chose La Romana for offshore snorkeling and we got what we wanted. Overall the Beach and Restaurant are much nicer in Punta Cana, but we still had great time in Bayahibe.

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