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First lets start by saying the service was non-existent.You would call the front desk for example water, they would say Ok, but forget it you never got it, ever.You can’t dring the water in the DR, so you would think they would replentish your room each day as is stated by Nolitours.We were a group of 29 family members who were on vacation as a family for the first time.If you were in the 400 block they were updated and clean rooms.If you were in the older rooms there was no hot water, smells of sewer, and cockroaches.Now you would think that by expaining to this the front desk and then a manager we would get some satifsfaction, well think again, no action taken and the manager just rolling his eyes.If you were a VIP customer things were different and you got alacarte restraunt service, not for the little people who were not VIP, non for a whole wk., non in our group got any alacartes. Talk about discrimination.The buffet was non-existant, you would go for something to eat and pans would be empty, no desserts, honestly same thing everynight.I have stayed at many resorts over my years and have always been able to find something to eat, really, not here.And unless you went over to the other hotel on gala night, you didn’t eat, they closed all reteraunts in our hotel.We went down the road for pizza, all our group said it was the best meal they had had all week.Even our Noli tours rep. said do not bother with the alacartes you will not get in.Just a quick note for seniors or disabled, there are alot of stair here to climb, be for warned.Really, there is not service at this hotel, food was disgusting, please do not waste your hard earned money here.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Jan. 3, 2012 @ noon for one wk.In looking at the notitours brochure, we were to have seperate check-in, OMG, It took us hours.Never got our rooms till 5-6pm.They just gave out rooms, never mind if you needed double beds, as I did with 3 people staying in my room, I got a king size bed.While my cousin who was with his wife and wanted a king size bed got 2 double beds. lol really not funny by that is what happeneed. And never mind trying to switch.Anytine you wanted anything at the front desk you had to line up for at least 1/2 hour.

As I said before, if you were in the 400 ok,ut if not, sewer smells, no hot water, cockroaches.Did not refill fridges, even with water.2 days never go my room cleaned.

Restaurants and Bars:
Not sure where or what all this It Zone was all about with the bars and happy hour, not sure what the It Zone was all about,no one told us anything about it, not even at Nolitours orientation.Restaurants for us, it was just the buffet and it was disgusting, really.Couldn’t get into the 3 alacarte restaurants Nolitours said we could get.Oh ya, they were full of VIP customers.If you wanted to take the shuttle you could eat at the other hotel next door.Keep in mind that line up were long, and who wants to waste vacation time standing in lines.

Nice, pool area not to clean, no one to clean up, no chairs, no garbage cans.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Ocean world, do the encounter with the dolphins, it is better than the swim and cheaper.Didn’t do anything on the resort, didn’t see to much happening, did see exercising in the pool 1 day.

Other Comments:
Travelled many times to the D.R., never had issues like this in my life.Please do not waste your money here, and I do not think Nolitours should be endourcing this Lifestyles hotel or any Lifestyle Resort.If Nolitours has any kind of reputation they would be reimburing the client they endoused this resort to.I have read many other reviews since our return and we as a group of 29 are not the only ones with this oppinion.Before we left the resort we had other customers saying they wish it was them going home instead of us.They had only been there for 2 day, I felt so sorry for them.

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