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Hi All Traveler’s! I wanted to post a review for Grand Oasis Cancun….thus far, the hotel gets mixed in with Oasis Cancun which is the property shared with the Grand. I believe that the Grand deserves its own review. Oasis often gets really bad reviews and most don’t understand that this is a large resort with 5 buildings. Oasis has some and Grand has the others! We traveled end of March 2008 at the end of spring break…we still had lots of breakers but for the most part, staying at the Grand allows you the affordability of the upgraded area and less drama from the breakers! The upgrade from Oasis to Grand is 35.00 USD per person per day. We upgraded through Cheap Caribbean before we even left for the resort due to the reviews. I will offer that purchasing your trip through affords you a low price with air fare included. We added the upgrade as well as round trip transfers and our trip for the 6 days and 5 nights from Wash DC to Cancun was 1850.00 USD for the two of us. Not a bad price. We traveled on Spirit Airlines which we have used for years. They are cheap, easy to access from DC and have leather seats and always on time! We chose them from the Cheapcaribbean web site which provided us with airfare included and we were thrilled as always…We also choose the exit row area which allows my tall husband lots of extra leg room so he doesn’t get too grouchy! Bring snacks to enjoy as they are really no frills! They have added the cost of a checked bag for 10.00 if purchased on line….Stinky but less than the others which are doing this for much more…Just remember bag must be under 50 pounds…coming and going…I suggest weighing before you leave and make sure to bring an extra bag in your checked luggage in case you shop and may go over! It costs like a 100.00 for an overloaded bag now a days! Make sure you have your passport! When you get to Cancun, do not stop in the airport to talk to anyone who may try to take your luggage or help you to your transfer….Smile, say no and exit the airport to get your transfer or a taxi. The airport is approximately 20 minutes from the resort. We arrived at Grand at 11:00 am and despite check in at 3:00 pm had our room oceanfront in Phase III within 30 minutes….Lots of kind smiles and joking with the Front Desk put us and them at ease! We requested oceanfront and got just what we asked for….we weren’t in the main pyramid, but that was ok… Our room was 3 floors up oceanfront and close to the pool, beach and the snackbar. We had our own concierge in our building that allowed us to walk out our door and ask for additional ice or beer. They also helped us with navigating around the resort and with getting our van for the trip back to the airport.

Big thing at this resort….you are given a black bracelet in the Grand and a purple bracelet for the Oasis….Black allows additional bars and restaurants not allowed by the Oasis Patrons….

Room was wonderful…Not in the pyramid but oceanfront and with 24 hour room service, fully stocked mini bar. Bed was very comfortable. No bugs, bathroom clean with a shower and bath. Clean towels with washcloths daily and lots of hot water. Room at night was quiet because we were on the ocean without view of the pool area from us…My husband would have enjoyed a room in the pyramid that had a oceanview with a good view of the pool as well for people watching on the balcony in the evening. Please make sure you invest in the safe…12.00 for the week and well worth your peace of mind! We never had a problem with the staff but why bother….

Grounds are unbelievable….Peacocks and Iguanas walking about the resort, unafraid and beautiful! Landscaping is incredible! The pool is the largest in the Caribbean and meanders throughout the entire resort. Enough area to be in the mix or escape it! I would suggest the early up to get your perfect chair on the beach or the ocean, but overall, there are plenty of chairs for all….The inside of the pyramid is something to behold….just an incredible site! Check our the pix on tripadvisor-but they don’t really do it justice! There is a golf course on this property…just a small par 3 but fun for the guys who can’t sit with their wives on the beach any longer! Yes, there is some topless bathing at beach and pool…mostly European, but the American beauties shake their stuff too! For the most part, they are discreet!

Food and drink.:
Food was delicious. I can’t believe the restaurants in this resort. 2 separate full buffets, 2 sushi bars/restaurants, 2 separate snack bars, and a Mexican, Seafood, Mediterranean, Italian, Steakhouse and the BOMB Best…Cereyes. It is the only reservation only place for only the Grand patrons….The best meal I have had in many years….all gourmet with 4 courses and just delicious. Buffets for breakfast are great…I like fresh baked hot bread and cheese with fruit and my husband loved the omelets…We also enjoyed the Mexican flair for breakfast with tortillas and beans…tasty!

Snack Bars:
The snack bars have delicious hot dogs…I was a bit suspicious of the hamburg’s as they were quite the mystery meat…others thought they were delicious as wel! You really don’t wait as long as the reviews say for meals. We never waited more than a minute….we just chose to go early and not have to deal with the crowds. If you go to Cereyes…you need to make your reservation a day in advance. Then, you go back and see if they have a better time for you about 11am….seems that they want you reserving at 7am and by 11 they have cancellations and can accommodate you more easily!

Alcohol is plentiful as you can imagine for an all inclusive! When you stay at the Grand, you get a black bracelet that allows you in the additional restaurants as well as the VIP bar in the pyramid….they serve top shelf beer and licquor without additional cost…(Absolute, Bacardi, bottled beer rather than the Corona on tap). I also saw red bull and Jager…didn’t go that route….The Oasis side has a swim up and it gets crowded but the snack bar near the oceanfront area has drinks all day as well! They also provide pool service by waitress on some days… i don’t want to get into the Bubba Keg debate, but it does provide you the ability to fill an alcohol drink to the beach or the room without the hassle of returning to the bars….most drinks are served in little plastic cups…Drinks are a bit week, but just ask for more if you want it…they will accommodate you! You can also buy off the resort and get your own special alcohol for a fairly reasonable price! We frequented the VIP bar and the Cereyes bar at night….Not so loud, relaxing and a great place to meet people! You must have the black bracelets for these two bars.

Entertainment is lagging…some cheesy shows, but ok….Most take advantage of the resorts entertainment crew who offers bar crawls nightly to a place, or two, off the resort. For 25.00-50.00 USD depending on the club(s) visited, you get transpo, VIP treatment and drinks and your entertainment person is there with you as well. Seemed well received by most people….Sign up daily at the pool area where the activities are! Foam Party on Thursday night…Free for Grand Patrons but 30.00 USD for anyone else….we didn’t go but mixed reviews on this! They do have a sports bar and disco…this is on the Oasis side and when we were there, filled with very drunk teens….still nice area if you like to catch a game or to dance for the evening!

Excursions are up to you…lots to offer but I suggest that you get to the resort and see what they have on and off the resort…check out what you might like on line and then work with the concierge or the travel people on or off the resort to get your best price. We did the jungle tour which was quite the experience…your own speed boat through the lagoon to the mangroves and then snorkeling….I felt is not for the faint at heart!

I will say that tipping should be encouraged…I realize that most people think an all inclusive prohibits any need to tip but it surely will enhance your service and experience….you don’t have to tip much, just enough to let them know you appreciate their service. Take time to learn your favorite waiter or bar tender or maids name. Converse with them even in your limited Spanish and they truly do appreciate the effort!

Summary: As you can see, we had a delightful time…we are in our 40s and traveled by ourselves…We met a bunch of great people to party with and to trade stories! I think this resort gets a lot of bad press and for no reason….

Feel free to check back with us if you need more info…we just like to be able to allow other travelers the ability to pick the best place and to know the most about it!

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