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I have been to many hotels in Puerto Plata; Costa Dorado and Play Dorado. I have to say that the rooms were clean, beds comfortable, water pressure and hot water were fine every day of our stay. It appears that during our stay, there were several black outs and everytime regular power was restored, it would trigger the fire alarm. This happened five times during our stay and the alarm sounded for approximately 15 minutes each time. It happened various times of the day, once at night. During the night alarm, my family and I left the room and stayed outside awaiting instructions. None were received! It is good that they have a loud fire alarm, however, they lacked communication to their guests!!!! The room keys had to be exchanged four times during our stay. They worked to power the room, not to gain entry….frustrating. The staff were friendly and entertainment at night was wonderful. Chilren’s club a definite plus, my daughter had a wonderful time with the "teachers" there. Becareful with your towels left on the chairs. People swipe towels and the hotel charges $15 for replacement. The coffee machines and water were easily accessible. I dont drink so I cant comment on the bars. However, I had an issue regarding the food. Continental breakfast (premium) is served "early" in the morning. After a certain time, you get the "common" food items. I will not wake up "early" while on vacation. The lunch and dinner meals were average. It seems that the left over beef that was prepared on the grill for dinner, became the next day’s lunch, and that night’s beef soup, etc. The T-bone steak looked delicious, however, took forever to chew!

Room Number:

Room Block:

When I checked in, they had the information incorrect. They had me down for one adult and one child when I showed them confirmation from their own website showing two adults and one child.

Clean, no "dew" smell. Definitely the best room I have every stayed at in any hotel in Puerto Plata!

Restaurants and Bars:
Could not eat at the Brazilian and Mexican restaurants. They do not allow children under twelve. You can hire a baby sitter to watch your child but did not want to go through that. They should remove this rule.

For the most part they were clean. Wished the pools can be open longer (close at 8pm). Towards mid-day I found myself in the pool with bird crap. They need to get rid of the birds flying above and crapping in the pool.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
During the day, you had your basic pool side activities. The nightly entertainment was the best.

Other Comments:
This hotel had the best clean, smell free room I have ever stayed in. Hot water and water pressure impressed me. However, it was probably the worst hotel I stayed at regarding the food. I would stay there again only if the menu changes and they stop "recycling" their food, as well as keeping the continental breakfast open till breakfast is over!

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