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Arrived at Oasis Viva Beach ( couldn’t see any sign for Grand Oasis Viva Beach), there wasn’t any representative for Sunquest at the resort during our check in. We gave our hotel voucher to the front desk and we were assigned 2 rooms on the 10th floor. As we were making our way to our room, we could definitely tell we weren’t at a new resort ( doors were marked and scratched, nails sticking out of walls) our rooms had king sized bed, no mini fridge, no mini bar, no balcony, no room service…and the rooms were not new. Talk about false advertising. The Bellboy tried to tell us we were in the new resort. We went back to the front desk to complain and after a while they finally told us that the new resort was overbooked and they didn’t have room for us there. They handed us a piece of paper and told us they were sending us to the Grand Oasis Playa and we were taken there by taxi. We didn’t get any choice in were we went…and wouldn’t have picked the Grand Oasis Playa if it was up to us. At the Grand Oasis Playa we were assigned 1 room on the 6th floor and one on the 8th floor. When we got to the room on the 8th floor and we used the toilet the hose came off the back of the toilet and started spraying water all over the room. We had to go back to the front desk and beg for a new room, the staff kept passing us from one person to the next. We were finally given another room on the 8th floor. We were told during check in that the Sunquest Rep would be at the Hotel between 9-12 in the morning and we could meet with them during that time. We spent the next two morning (April 12 and 13) from 9 – 12 in the lobby of the Hotel waiting for the Sunquest Rep, who never showed up. Whenever we approached staff from the Hotel they kept saying that the Sunquest would be in and/ had already been there and we must have missed them. There is a Sunquest Book in the Lobby, it has no contact information in it and doesn’t list the Representatives time in it.

On Sunday April 13, the lockbox key wouldn’t open the safe in the room on the 6th floor and we had to wait around in the room for 2 hours until someone came to open it. The front desk wouldn’t give us another key/lock for the lockbox until maintenance gave them a report that the lock had been cut off. We had to store all our belonging in the safe on the 8th floor. The Concierge Desk finally gave us a contact phone number for Sunquest, but told us we would have to buy a phone card or use the phone in our room to call Sunquest. We tried the phones in both of our rooms, they wouldn’t work, the front desk told us that they can’t make outgoing calls from their phones, we insisted that we needed to talk with someone from Sunquest and they finally dialed the number from their desk.

More Waiting…: We spoke with Ricardo from Sunquest and he set us up with an appt.with Fred at 6PM on Monday. The Hotel wouldn’t give us the $20 dine out card that we were entitled to, they insisted that we had to get it from Sunquest. After some more discussion with the staff at the Hotel, the coupons were finally given to us. We had to stay around the Hotel on Monday to meet with Fred from Sunquest. At 5:30PM Fred called and cancelled our appointment and wanted to re-book it for Thursday evening ( we were leaving Friday afternoon).We insisted that he had to come to see us before Thursday, an appointment was made for Tuesday morning at 11:30AM. We contacted our travel rep back in Canada with our concerns and told her we would be looking for a refund when we returned to Canada. Once again we found ourselves waiting around the Hotel for the Sunquest Representative. At 11:40AM, Fred finally showed up. He assured us that he would arrange our pick up on Friday to return to the airport, and we booked an excursion with him for Wednesday at 2:00PM. The representative told us never to book at an Oasis Hotel again. On Wednesday when we showed up for our tour we found out that Fred (Sunquest) had booked the tour for 12:00PM and we had missed the tour…..another wasted day! The tour was re-booked for Thursday….our last day. The room on the 8th floor had little white bugs in it, the faucets in the sink leaked all the time, the floors were never swept, and we didn’t get the ocean view room that we booked. There was very little animation/entertainment at this resort, which was something that was offered at the Grand Oasis Viva Beach. This seemed like a resort for retired couples.The room on the 6th floor had a large cockroach in it, and the toilet leaked all over the floor. The fridges weren’t stocked daily and when we complained we were told to call room service ..which never solved anything. This is not the vacation we expected, we spent more of our time waiting for the Sunquest Represenative and trying to have things fixed than we did trying to enjoy our vacation.

If you are planning to go…don’t go with Sunquest.

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