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When Hamaca had his hands on this hotel, it was not a 5, but a 6. It had good food, lots of security, everything was clean and on time. It had one of the finest services, I was really happy. But then, Oasis, The actual owner of the hotel, put his hands on it and totally DESTROYED it. I’ve gone to this hotel more than I can tell, and it’s been hurtful to see that one of my favorite hotels in the world became such a– a thing. I hate you, Oasis.

It was good. It was ontime. +1

Rooms: Hamaca: -No complain. Oasis: -The covers of the bed smelled. They racked. -Cockroaches in the night. -Had to wait a whole day for an extra bed.

-Awful customer service.

Restaurants and Bars: -Hmm.. I have to give them this: The disco was not the biggest, but definitely fun. They put good music that makes you want to dance, and the people that serve at the bar were rather friendly.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: -No complain. As beautiful as ever, Dominican Republic has the finest beaches. I’ve gone to Spain, Greece, Australia, and Miami and these were good. But DR just wins.

-Pools were clean.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Hamaca: Yes. Definitely. Fun. Oasis:

They didn’t keep us aware of any activities. My boyfriend got bored once and we had to go to the lobby to ask for any current activities.

Other Comments: DO.NOT.WASTE.YOUR.MONEY. going to Oasis’ hotels.

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