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Not a bad resort, but room for improvement. Never saw any bugs as stated in some reviews. Rooms were a bit rough, but not bad. We were not told at the front desk that you had to put a room card in the box to get power, and A/C was off when we got there.Found out when we called the desk. Not much english there, so tough to get your point across. Most of the stuff that was included in the standard room all- inclusive was not there, so had to raise some hell at the front desk. Had everything we requested by the second day at noon. Rooms were comfortable, and the maids did a good job.

Check- in was very slow, and barely anyone knew any english, which didn’t help. The plane landed in La Romana, so this meant a 2 hour bus ride to the resort, as well as an early departure from the resort on the day we went home.not much information given at check in- in fact virtually none, but we found our way. The resort is quite large, so you could end up a fair walk from the lobby and beach. We were near the pool, which wasn’t too far. An older client or one with difficulty walking may want to request a closer room, as you must go through the lobby and down 2 flights of stairs to get to the beach.

Rooms were a bit older, but OK. Had to make a request for the amenities that were supposed to be included with our package, but once we go that cleared up, it was good.

Restaurants and Bars:
Buffet was good, but not as many choices as some resorts. Restaurants were good, and you had to reserve a day in advance, which is normal. Service in the buffet a little slow. Bars good, but very little english understood, so if a specialty drink was ordered, you may not get what you wanted. The Nautilus bar at the pool was OK, except for one bartender- Daniel, who was extremely lazy, and turned his nose up at a tip I gave him. He spent more time talking and flirting with the young female guests than he did working. It was his last one from me! The rest of the bartenders were more than happy to get a tip, though.Would have to say that Hector was the best one at that bar!

Resort was very clean and tidy, and the beach was excellent. The beach is private in front of the resort, so you were not bothered by vendors unless you went onto the public beach.Lots of loungers and nice protection in the swimming areas by a reef offshore.Pool was very nice, but closed early at night.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Lots of activities on the resort, and some good tours as well

Other Comments:
not a bad trip, but will likely not return to that resort.

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