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We recently were invited to join family on a holiday, so we took our first holiday to Cuba and stayed at the Oasis (Be Live) Turquesa. As it was our first trip to Cuba, we, like others, went with open minds but were soon pleasantly surprised. We found all the staff, from the front desk, towel hut girls, restaurant staff and cooks, ground maintenance, bartenders (Jose in particular), and Raphael on the beach, most accommodating to us all. They all made us feel like we were part of their families

Arrival: Upon arrival, we had an incident (not with the hotel), at the airport, and the front desk staff worked their phones for nearly and hour and a half to finally help us resolve the problem. Thank Goodness!!! And thanks again for the help

We found the front counter very helpful. The rooms were not quit ready when we arrived, but once they were, all the luggage was taken to our rooms. The money exchange girls were accommodating, bar staff were all excellent, ground crews kept the place clean and like others, my wife and daughter also received their morning flowers from the older gentleman (Will have to get his name). The beach staff always helpful, and activities personal (Raphael) was a riot. Always trying to get people involved. He would always take a minute or two, sit and chat and answer any questions we had.

Clean and simple. I did however; find it strange to have a frosted door to the bathroom … so much for privacy…Stay away from the windows when having a shower, bring extra toilet paper, they are not fast in replenishing what you have, but all in all, nothing major to complain about.

Restaurants and Bars: The staff always pleasant. Always there to greet us at the door. With the amount of people that were there, sometimes the service could be slow, but not enough to complain about. We found there was a decent variety of food to pick from. Elvis (the cook) always made sure things were correct and if not, made it again. Good selection of deserts, salads etc. The Japanese restaurant was satisfactory. The others that were there with us, enjoyed it immensely, but as I am not a fan of sushi … for me … it was ok. The Italian restaurant was very good. Food was fresh and prepared well. Dave, the manager, always made it a point to stop and say hello to us, when he seen us. I did however, meet a couple from Mississauga, but did nothing but complain about the cuisine. I did not understand what the issue was. What did they expect??? We all enjoyed our food, fresh and good variety.

The bars were always busy. But we never seemed to wait to long before somebody would walk buy and ask if we wanted anything. We did have a barkeep befriend us (Jose), and he made sure we were always taken care off. A good variety to pick from… Great Cappuccino and espresso served here.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: We spent the majority of the day at the beach. We enjoyed it immensely. Beaches were cleaned every morning, no problems getting an umbrella, drinks always available at the beach, although limited, the staff was courteous, and the view was spectacular. What else could you want?

I did not have an opportunity to get in the pool, as we were in the ocean most of the day. It looked well maintained, and seating looked to be available every time I walked by.

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