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Hey Gang . Heard about some kind of beach locker that you can put you valuables in and lock to your lawn chair or palapla. I know … Don’t bring valuables to the beach …. But was just wondering if anyone knows about these things and if they might be any good to use in your hotel room if your room doesn’t have a safe . Any ideas … 

Johnny C 

comoman: we bought one a couple of years ago. It’s not bad, but doesn’t hold much; we haven’t even bothered to put a code on it and it hasn’t moved from our bedroom yet. But it was only $20-$30. Very light weight. Let me also congratulate on seeing the ‘light’ and joining the team.

They look like they would be useful, especially for solo travelers who carry valuables (cameras, phone etc) to the pool or beach, or are at a resort or casa without a safe.

Johnny, we have one. Have used it for our cycling travels, text me and I’ll tell you about it.

Johnny, we have one. Have used it for our cycling travels, text me and I’ll tell you about it. Welcome to the forum littlewhistler!I’m curious to hear of your personal experience, as I’m sure others are as well. Can you please share your story openly in the forum for all to read?

I think many members would be interested in the cycling trips. Enough, if you’d like to start a cycling topic.
Yes, PACSAFE info is appreciated.

I have no problem helping people with cycling, keeping in mind that we are not heavy duty cyclists Most of what we learned before embarking on our first cycling trip I learned from other forums. I will however, not answer questions that are so vague (ie. where should I cycle) that it is evident the poster has not done any research him or herself. I’m not being nasty, I just cannot get over how many people post such questions and it is obvious that they have done no research themselves.As for the PACSAFE. After our first cycling trip I had read about them on another forum and began to research. I felt that we really needed to keep our documents, money, credit cards and cameras safe. Apparently they are knife proof and very durable. Well wasn’t I the lucky one who went to a shop in our town and found them on a clearance! I think marked down 70% from the regular retain. We ended up with the one that is like a hanging toiletry bag, it is able to hold everything we want and we have a special cable lock and lock it to the bathroom sink or as another poster mentioned, to the bed post and under the sheets!I suspect you could take it to the beach and lock it up but we’ve never bothered. We do however use it inside safes when they are available. Ours would also fit a iPad mini as well as cameras, passports and money.

Hope that helps

I’ve used the pacsafe (stashsafe version) for a few years now and wouldn’t think of traveling without it. It’s not to bulky but I use it from the beginning of my trip to the end to keep what few valuables I do carry safe. I also use it at the beach a lot as it’s large enough to keep my camera safe and out of sight. One of the advantages is I don’t need to burden someone I just met with having to watch my stuff while we’re in the water snorkelling. We also have one of the travel lockers. It’s a little heavier so if we’re concerned about weight, it sometimes gets left behind, however has does come in handy at times too, particularly when the beach is extra busy/crowded. We don’t use them as a substitute for the room safe but they do give us peace of mind when we are out enjoying the water.

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