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Our family is going to Beaches Turks and Caicos in Feb 2009. We have heard good and bad about it. We would be interested in hearing from anyone that has been there after it has reopened to let us know the shape of the resort after the hurricane’s in 2008. Also, we are staying in an Imperial Suite in the new Italian Village and wondering if anyone got a peak at it?

Hi there – we live here on the island and confident that you’ll have a great time here in February. There’s lots to do here and the new Village that they put up is getting quite a lot of buzz around town. Happy Travels!Val
I stayed at the Beach TCI Nov 15-23 this year (first week it was open after the hurricane damage). The damage has all been repaired. there was lots of construction goign on in the italian village and I really doubt it can be completed by Jan as is their plan. There didn’t look like any work had even started on the waterpark. The buildings housing the rooms looked to be mostly done – they were putting in windows and doing roofing while we were there.I hope you have small children. The hotel caters exclusivley to small kids. We didn’t know this when we booked (we’re childless) and the resort basically shuts down at 9pm! Not even an evening show for the adults – just the sesame street show for kids at 5pm. The food was generally good. Stay away from the lobby buffet though – it was horrible. The beach is very small for the number of guests and even with the hotel only being at 20% capacity the beach was packed on the nice days (we had several bad weather days when the beach was red-flagged). Also, during the bad few days we were there, most of the million dollars of sand that was freshly placed the week before was washed away!If you are doing any diving – well, the reef got rather destroyed by hurricanes (Ike and Hannah), but the dive operator at Beaches did their best to take us to the best spots, but even these weren’t that good.

Any more questions just ask – i’ll try my best to answer.

Thanks Tuss for the response and information. When you state that the water park hasn’t been done – what do you mean? Is there just a big dirt hole in the middle of the complex? or what? We do have small children – 4 and 6. We have heard many good things about Beaches for families. If you are just a couple, I recommend Sandals if you like all inclusives. If you just like the Carribean – try renting a house on British Virgin Gorda. My husband and I have spent a few vacations there and it is very private and tropical. Anyway, anything that you could provide on the Italian Village would be appreciated (i.e. pictures etc)


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