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Just wanted everyone to know that Canadian Tire has Huge Bubba Kegs, 3 gallon, 384 oz, on sale for $19.99. ;DThey come with one of those dispensers at the bottom to fill you beer glass with.

Anyone thirst? ;D

Wow That sure is one big Bubba!

By the time it is filled, I don’t think I would be able to carry it.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………..

The regular Bubbas are bad enough, but that’s just ridiculous. I think it’s in very poor taste to bring a 3 gallon keg to the bar and expect the bartenders to fill it.

Thank is one big bubba. I once purchased the 52 oz then took them back as I felt that I would look crazy. Settled for 20oz Irving travel mugs, wider on the bottom than the top. Perfect really. Was not embarrassed to take them to the bar. When I left Cuba and the Dominican I always leave them behind. Usually to the random people you see raking the sand. They certainly appreciate receiving them as they can us them for quite some time. Funny I always ask if they want me to fill it with beer, no they want coke. I paid $ 5.99 for mine and it was really nice to see their surprise when I give it to them. Came home a got 2 more for my next trip.

sunlover, we do the same. Only the 20oz bubba kegs and leave them behind. We also take a 52oz for water for our room, or sometimes use it to take beer for a trip or excursion when there is more of us going.Last trip we went with a couple we met from the UK to one of lifeguards house for a message and took the 52oz with us to share with him and his wife. His wife is a masseuse and would do the message at her home for 1/2 price then the resort charged. The 52 oz does come in handy and has its purpose. But I agree the 20oz is plenty for ‘personal’ use. I think these behemoth ones are more for a group of people, maybe a socccer match or baseball game.

But seeing how Bubba Kegs usually elicit a bit of excitement on this board, I thought I would get people posting. Its been pretty quite in this off season. Seeing as I’ve booked another trip, I need an outlet, as my neighbours at work don’t wanna hear my excitement.

A behemoth bubba would make a great repository for my ashes when I die. I’ll put that on my To Do list!

Always try to bring a couple of extra mugs, in case you meet a nice couple who don’t have mugs, share with them for the week and then ask that they donate a mug to a worthy individual. One year one of the singers (who was new to the tourist world) was so set on my mug that when I gave it to him, he wept. And did a happy dance.

lol lol I have one of those giant Bubba’s, they are not a mug, they are a cooler! You can fill them with ice and put pop or beer on ice when you have a party. You can also make a large punch and keep it in the bubba cooler. I think I got mine for the same price about two years ago, it was on sale then too. They are great when you have a large crowd. You can also fill them up with ice water if you go on a camping trip.

The picture that I get in my mind of someone trying to take one on vacation is pretty ridiculous. lol

Bubba mugs are not that great.The top cap is held on by a sliver of plastic and if that breaks , you don’t have a sealed drink container. Sand is nice but never in my drink ! A wide bottom Robin’s mug works great and holds 20 ozs and seals good too.

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