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HelloWe will be going to Jamaica for the first time this winter and we are wondering in which area can we find the best beaches? We are used to Punta Cana and was wondering where we can find the same kind of beach.Thanks


I’ve only been to Montego Bay, but I’ve heard the beaches in Negril are the best. I just can’t find a resort in my budget there.

There can be some nice places but they are few and far. Many of the beaches have a lot of coral. Which resort are you heading to? Part of Negril are great. It’s very hard to find an area there were you can just walk and walk like Punta Cana.

Great water and beach at Margaritaville – lounge chairs, vendors along the beach. Free entry for tourists. I’ve also read about another beach that has snorkeling but don’t recall the name!

The Seven Mile beach in Negril is supposed to have the best beach in Jamaica. It is a bit too much out of my budget range.

I loved the beach in Negril, besides Margaritaville (where we didn’t even go), there are tons of other places you can have a bite or a drink. The beach is long, but not very wide in some spots. But it’s just a great place for sightseeing and strolling along the shore line.

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