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We would like to do a family vacation but will have to do it in June or July as most of us are teachers. Which island would you recommend in terms of avoiding constant down pours or hurricanes. We would like an all inclusive.Thanks
Hurricane season is unpredictable…No one ever knows when and where a tropical storm will begin, and if it will turn in to a hurricane.IMHO, if you can book more last minute…you might get a better idea at least how the season is going to play. It doesn’t rain ALL the time during the season…but be prepared to be oh so hot.


Although no Caribbean island is totally safe from hurricanes, the ABC islands are generally considered to be outside the "hurricane ally". They are Aruba, Bonaire and Curaco. Having said that, we have traveled to the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) in August and experienced no problems with weather in the past but every year is different. I agree with deputy that the best plan is to book less than a month in advance so you can see what type of weather is predicted. September is more prone to hurricanes, I think.

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