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We are getting married in early September and looking at a Caribbean honeymoon. We of course want sun surf and water (we’re looking at the Caribbean after all) but are both big time foodies. We have both had pretty bad food experiences at all-inclusive places so those are pretty much out and are looking into villa/house rentals in an area with good food.We took a trip to Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic last year and were pretty happy with most (if not all) of what we found there.Does anyone know or have recommendations for islands that are more renowned for their food? We are not snobs and will be just as happy with a shack of indigenous food on the beach as with 4-star restaurants as long as it’s GOOD. Bland resort food need not apply.Thanks much!
I think you need to nail down what type of island flair and feel you want.You have a lot of choices, if you are not limited by distance, price, or dates.

Every place has its spots for great food, and variety, but it may not be the "variety" your looking for


Cuba for sure … nice Honey Moon you will get there .. diving, swiming, dancing, playing .. and much more!

If you were happy in Cabarete, you’ll probably be happy anywhere. My personal choices would be to avoid Puerto Plata (too many food handling illnesses) and Cuba (slim choices) unless you are heading for 5 star resorts in both cases. If you read the reviews with a grain of salt for the resorts you are looking at, you’ll get much better info, as categorizing a particular island is not all that fair.

I’d have to agree that if I were going on a honeymoon, Jamaica would be right at the top.

Just noticed something about travellercu. "visit my site at "

"Cuba for sure" for great food was a bit of a giveaway. You’re entitled to your pinion but if you are selling trips to Cuba, that’s a conflict of interest that should be more clearly stated. Just my opinion.

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