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If you had to choose the best month to visit Bermuda, what would it be and why?

It is kind of a "how long is a rope" question. I like to swim an snorkel, thus for water temp it is June – mid Sept. If you like golf, tennis, fish, or hike the railroad trails, the high temp is never (fingers crossed) below 50, and 70F days in Janurary are not uncommon. Anytime is ok for that.July and August are perhaps best for swimming, but be aware, temp is around 90F, and relative humidity is typically 110% those months.Be aware, if you like swimming, portugese man-of-war wash up in June. I tangled with one once, so I am going later than June in the future. Don’t let it bother you, but be aware and keep your eyes out. Also, hurricanes are unpredictable, and can churn up the water and cause significant undertow any time from June to October or November. Gotta take your chances regarding that.If you want to get away from the snow, anytime is a good time. If you want a rum swizzle from the swizzle inn, any time is a good time. It is a nice place anytime, enjoy!

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