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:)Hello!We stayed at the RIU for 3 nights. Our room was 714 and it was a partial ocean view, on the other side. Although we didn’t have the pink hotel building (part of Atlantis) we had the gorgeous view below our balcony of the hotel air vent system and air ducts.I noticed your previous post asking about the hotel. We enjoyed the hotel staff and services. Overall the food was good, the hotel lobby/pool/restaurants were well staffed and regularly cleaned. The rooms were not as clean as I’d like but then again the floors are carpeted in the rooms so the musty smell is a given. The room was cleaned well before our stay. Keep everything in your safe. A couple we travelled with ended up with a room assigned to someone else so to avoid any lost items, keep everything locked up (we’ve always done this).When are you going? Have you booked?I suggest you opt for all inclusive since it is the most economical.


Leedani thank you for your reply!Yes we are booked all inclusive for June ;D (I think all inclusive is the only option now?)

Apart from the airducts would you recommend being as high as the seventh floor? I’ve seen some reviews saying the elevators are very slow and it’s best to be nearer the ground so you can use the stairs? I wonder how I could request the side of the hotel that you were on? Hmmmm…. This is meant to be a special getaway for my husband after a tough year and I’d like it to be just perfect!!

Thanks again – I appreciate your comments!

HelloI had read that too about the elevators. They were quite fast and there were three so there was a short wait. The only time I could see this happening is on a checkout if many people are leaving. We had no problem at all with the elevators.

Our friends stayed on the 11th floor, same side as us. Perhaps you could make a request through their website. Generally they will make a change at checkin if there is space to shift rooms around.

Leedani Ok now I am not so worried about the elevators! Some reviews said there was just ONE!!!
So let me get this straight… if I request a room with a pool view will I be looking away from the "pink" building?!!
Thanks! I guess I have to ask for a room with no pool view! Hard to get your head around if you haven’t been there!! ;D

Leedani does the buffet have "set" seatings or can you come and go as you please?

As for the buffet, you sit where and when you choose. The only place where you had seats set aside we the a-la-carte restaurants :P.

In case you don’t already know, be downstairs each morning by 7am to line up for dinner reservations. Otherwise, little or no spots left when you might get there any later…reservation desk opens at 7:30am.

hey everyone i was just wondering i will be leaving to go to the riu paradise island on june 5 and i was just wondering if anyone can tell me anything about this resort the things to do, clubs ext. thanks so much

DO NOT GO TO THE RIU!yes, it is a very nice hotel, but on the other hand it does not make up for the horrible service!

You will find yourself asking 2-3 times for something then having to get it yourself….I called down and asked for assistance with the bar and was told "I don’t know ma’am you’ll just have to figure it out"??!!!??? Each and every one of the bartenders barely looked at you and if they did they acted like you were bothering them!!! No one smiled, the entertainment was a joke, everyone always speaking in a slow mono tone voice…….never again

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