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HI,we’re planning to vacation in September and wondered where the best weather would be?…hoping for no storms, little rain & not crazy hot…I know that’s asking a lot!! We usually go in March or April.


Not sure where you can get to from your current location, but we went to Los Cabo, Mx at the end of September last year. 9 days of sunshine (very little rain in that area). That said it was mid 30’s the entire time but is suspect all southern destinations will be similar in the heat department at that time. Loved Cabo and would go back without hesitation!

Good luck on the search!

Have been to Cuba around that time. Weather is usually good. Not crazy hot and no storms or much rain at all. It is still hurricane season, so always a risk. But I have been lucky the few times I have gone at the end of Sept, early Oct!

We have been to Holguin several times in September and will be going again this September. It has been hot, but not unbearably so, with very little rain. Nothing to spoil our vacation. Resoulrts in my experience are half full, so very tranquil

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