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I take three Mugs with me each trip and I leave two there. A smaller ( 16 oz) one for dinner and special drinks. A large ( 40 oz) one for daily use at the beach, and then this one, for the last couple of days or when certain people think my large one is to big. This is the biggest one I have ever seen, a full 84 oz I dressed it up with a Canadian Flag, it gets attention, but you can only fill it half way with anything, its just to dam heavy to carry, it needs two handles. But it does make a great cooler in the room, when its not in SHOCK service on the beach…… ;D
We got two bubbas last year for xmas but they have yet to make the trip to CUBA – who knows, maybe our upcoming trip in 10 days. Hubby bought the bubba juniors this year (5 to be exact) and we are taking those down and will gift them when we are done or if a poor sole is looking like they could use one, we will pass one along.


Thanks Zeuszues and AC.. I did feel proud of myself for just walking away Happy New Year to you’s as well

We have met some of the nicest ppl we know on holidays, and are still friends with

we are leaving for Pesquero (with my bubba) on the 23rd of January….ah I can’t wait!!!!

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I have a 20 oz Bubba and consider it indispensible on vacation. But I always thought the larger varieties of Bubba would give me tennis elbow from trying to lift it all day.

We have two 32 oz Bubbas in the back yard as planters – one with a lovely rhododendron and the other with a season’s supply of fresh herbs for cooking (this one we bring inside during the cold Ontario winter and place on the mantle next to the singing stuffed fish). I plan on dispensing with the Bubba entirely this year and just take the Coleman cooler instead. It has that handy drain on the side for when the drink either gets warm or stale. I’ve also had t-shirts made at the local Mark’s Work Wearhouse which state "I’m Canadian – but I guess you can tell that by the size of my drink!" They should go well with my NASCAR hat and waist pack.


Just returned from the Club Amigo Caracol and put all three of our 20oz Bubbas to work as well as our BIG BUBBA. found the bug Bubba extemely useful for carting drinks to the beach.The response we got filling ours up was always a "where can I get one of those?" from both the staff and other guests.

Luv that BUBBA

Wow, I’m jealous, I’ve not seen anything like the big bubba in the uk, no wonder people smirked at our little insulated cups the year before last when we were in Varadero! Lucky Canadians. Great site by the way, I’m logging off now though to see if I can find a bubba on the net for our next trip in March!

I’ve found them here in the UK, thanks for this thread, as I wouldn’t have found them without it as they are just called insulated cups in Britain, the site I am getting them from have imported the Bubbas from US

Brought 2 big bubbas with me last trip in Feb 2006 and left one behind with the bartender :). Worked well for making my koolaid to have on the beach ;D

You can also now get the 128 oz Bubba at Canadian Tire, with the spigot at the bottom. I wouldn’t recommend that you ask your friendly bartender to fill THAT one up with booze and mix!!

My 52 oz and 20 oz ones work just fine……

iriemon! I can answer your question. It’s the beach bar at Breezes Jibacoa. LOVE that resort.


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